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"Moderate" Arizona Democrat Has Deep Ties to Left-Wing Radicals, Obama White House

ProgsArePigs Wrote: May 11, 2012 10:45 PM
This weird chick is a necrophiliac’s dream! No wonder she’s a commie!

During a panel discussion at the Conference on World Affairs in Colorado last April, a member of the audience rose to ask a tendentious political question, before adding that she was not interested in hearing a response from the only conservative on stage -- yours truly.  I was a bit miffed by the close-minded slight until a fellow panelist, Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema, pushed back on my behalf.  The Democratic legislator slapped down the questioner's Lefty assumptions and waxed eloquent about the importance of bipartisanship.  Sinema and I ended up chatting at length at a reception later that evening. ...