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That's exactly what the republicans TRIED to do and people were caught doing it in several states and gee whiz, all of them just happened to work for one company that has been accused of doing the same over the last 20 years. But since they got in trouble already, they had to rename themselves so no one would know who was again behind the cheating. And, as always, this same company is employed by almost every republican state organization in the U.S. Then, the republicans decided that wasn't enough to steal the vote, so they started implementing voter ID laws in state after state, trying to make sure that democrats would lose by state. Now, let's compare stories. Mine is true and yours is a fairy tale at least and a lie at it's worst.
Just because you believe this cockamamie story doesn't mean it's true.
You people really are friggin' nuts. I don't worry about unproven and silly, stupid conspiracy theories because they can't be proven, thus they are conspiracy theories, so why believe something you can't prove? You all speculate a lot on what you THINK something means, but you don't bother to seek the real truth, otherwise, you wouldn't be wasting your time on a blog as irresponsible and politically motivated as this one is. Get a REAL life. I worry about paying my bills, my health, my family, about being as good a person and neighbor, friend or spouse I can be and what do you do? Sit here and just make stupid stuff up to appease your inner idiot. Stupid as stupid does.
Why do you feel the need to repeat yourself?
hahahahahahahaha...what a jokster you are!
Dude! I love it! LMAO!
You can't someone a coward because they don't believe in your fairy tales.
Really? That's what you believe that we are too stupid to know that a conspiracy theory is nothing more than just that? You have the chains my dear. You are shackled to lies and more lies, convinced that a boogie man lurks at every corner and is coming after all that you hold dear. How can you possibly live a happy life like that., expecting the worst to happen? I'm not scared of such things. Feeding my family, paying my medical bills, being able to pay house hold bills, buying enough groceries to survive on from week to week takes up my time. Those are very real issues that are on many people's minds every day and all you people do is worry about what isn't happening. Get a real life. You'll be better for it.
Lol! Givem hell chilidog!
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