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most mayhem and violent crimes along with burglaries, vandalism and on and on can be connected to left wing/pro entitlement type personalities. The greater the disrespect for a society and its laws the more brutal the criminal becomes.
When your wife comes home and accuses you of cheating and you have been completely faithful, what should be your most logical deduction? Besides searching for an attorney.
WOW!!! A back round check on this guy sounds appropriate. Definitely sounds very hostile for a response to an article that I found to be a humorous spit about a ball player. C'mon JGH, feel the love
I think he was going for the Elton John look with the hat and shades, probably really in touch with 'himself'.
YEP! POTUS is driving AMERICA like he STOLE it. And Congress acts impotent watching it all with blinders on. Spineless twerps!
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