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Obama doesn't have to care about black people. They already mindlessly vote for him. As well, most black people vote for a living meaning a liberal politician is just a conduit for free tax money, goods and services, and in general, a free ride. The majority of black people are very much into toxic-tribalism where leftist black politicians always get a pass, no matter how corrupt and incompetent because he or she will displace responsibility for their actions. No sir. Obama owns black people. They're his.
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Republicans and Blacks

Proactive Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 1:20 PM
Dr. Sowell's comments are again full of truth and common sense. But for the black population as a whole, considering a party switch will not remotely happen. As humans are creatures of habit, most black people appear to be, politically, mindless sheep. They believe someone giving them "free stuff for life" trumps anything like delaying gratification, and getting a quality education for their children. No sir. The Democratic party is the goose that lays taxpayer-funded golden eggs, as far as a vast majority of black people are concerned. Besides, voting Democrat and Democrat alone beats thinking.
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The Death of Journalism

Proactive Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 10:33 AM
Journalism with integrity truly is dead. Read Colin Flaherty's book, "White Girl Bleed a Lot" to get an idea of how domestic reporting is willfully blind to racial savagery in the black community. Journalists today have their prejudices and biases, and they are now mouthpieces for socialism.
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The Left Versus Minorities

Proactive Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 12:51 PM
Child sacrifice of the 21st century.
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End of the Line for the Welfare State?

Proactive Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 7:13 PM
I respect Pat Buchanan very much, and his "end of the line" theme rings accurate and true. But that won't stop the millions who have truly believe that the government will provide from birth to death with unlimited funds, and all you have to do is vote Democrat. Then there are the union members, also numbering in the millions, and this includes government workers. They, too, will bow to any liberal, and some of these union folk will, if given the chance, kill those who don't. The Democrats are now supporting the government spying on us, and conservative groups are being harassed without oversight or let-up. Even cops are now being trained to fight any commoners who may revolt, according to a recent news report. Simple economics is lost on these millions of ignorant social parasites, and the hopelessly idealistic adult-children in academe and the MSM. Most welfare-dependent people can't even spell, "economics." The government is lord and savior to all of the above, and they won't be dissuaded in the least. Socialism is here to stay, and that, until our final destruction.
It is beyond any rational reason how liberals can dismiss or minimize brutal and psychopathic behavior that destroys lives, and cause many more people to suffer years of grief and pain. They even invent baseless psychological rationalizations to support their destructive positions. They have become robotic in their idealism to dismiss what amounts to pure evil, and that, while ignoring the fact that they enable and embolden those who want to kill us via their pompous platitudes. God help us.
That means Santa is a communist because he wears a red suit. Gee that was easy. Can I be a Democrat now? I passed the test.
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Triumph of The Vulgarians

Proactive Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 1:32 PM
Public vulgarity is merely a result of something more pervasive, and that is the lack of emotional maturity in so many public figures that is apparently celebrated. What makes someone who is, chronologically, an adult, react like adolescents to simple frustrations and common daily stressors? When did what's left of our culture legitimize tantrums in adults? Narcissists will always have public tantrums since they never met a mirror they didn't like while expecting life to always go their way. Just like pre-adolescents. I suppose it pays to act like a child when on the tube. Then again, some people probably find it entertaining watching alleged grown-ups become visibly unstable, if only for a few minutes. It may validate their own arrested development.
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Detroit's Decline Didn't Have to Happen

Proactive Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 2:32 AM
With all respect, I submit a few small corrections for Cal's article. It wasn't "most" off recent mayors have been Democrat. All Detroit mayors have been Democrats, and that, for many decades. When black mayors, the first being "King" Coleman Young, took control, the slide toward third world oblivion really picked up speed. Unmentioned in Cal's article; there was the enormous increase of black crime in the city which began after the civil rights act was made law, and blacks were labelled an oppressed race. This effectively removed responsibility for their poverty and other social ills they experienced. This was also a green light for the black criminal since "he has the right to be angry"; as the liberal black political power structure and liberal press repeated endlessly. To deny this would result in being called a career-killing name: Racist. Death by gunshot became a very real and increasing possibility while working or living in the city. After being taxed by the city for wages earned, and said taxes increasing every year, people left. The city also raised taxes on all businesses, to include the auto companies within the city limits. Increases in these taxes also happened yearly. Business left. Crime and Democratic mayors are what and who killed Detroit.
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Saving the Motor City

Proactive Wrote: Nov 04, 2013 10:53 AM
Detroit is a place I'm very familiar with since I lived near downtown while attending Wayne State U. way back when. I like the idea of setting up Belle Isle as a separate entity where citizenship can be purchased for a few hundred thousand bucks. My only question is will the buyers also get an armored Humvee for entering or leaving the island during daily chores? There is a long bridge connecting the island to the mainland, the only access point. You'd have to drive through Detroit, Michigan's Lagos, Nigeria, and risk life and limb during every trip. After all, Detroit was destroyed by cultivating anti-white resentment, and that, for decades. In this "chocolate city" the thugs rule the streets, and have so for years. As the Detroit police department publicly announced recently about the city, "Enter at your own risk."
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