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When I die, all I want to see in the afterlife is Obama in an orange jumpsuit in the meanest prison on the planet, prefeably one in Mexico or El Salvador. That will make my heaven and then I will say, "Thank You God, that was enough reward".
Sir, he needs those brass balls to clobber Obama and his band of felonious traitors, not make nicey-nice to another group of black racists called the NAACP whose sole intention was to boo him.
Did you ever!. Sort of like spotting a black pi***mp at a convent of cloistered nuns.
They invited him so they could boo him. OTOH, if a white crowd booed a democrat nominee, the state-controlled medi would go ballistic.
Most whites won't admit it, but they're scared sheet of most young black men. That's 90% of the problem right there, because they have good reason to be.
Pearls to swine, as my mama used to tell me lo those many years ago when I befriended a kind of scary black kid that ended up beating the living sheet out of me for absolutely no reason at all. I didn't quite understand what she meant when she said it, but I sure did after that really bad beating. I never ever forgot that lesson, and it has kept me healthy, wealthy and wise. Sort of reminds me of Palin saying, "How's that hopey changey thing working our for ya?" Very smart lady.
Rob, Jesus Christ could come down from heaven out of the clouds in all His glory and splendor and these NAACP Mau Maus would say, "What up, muh*ucka?"
Anne, what about Omortgagecare? Why not OBuyANewCarcare? I kinda like OFeedMeCare. Wait!. we got that already. JuSt throwing out some new, fresh, forward-thinking Marxist wedge issues.
anne, I love that one! Hilarious. I am splitting my gut laughing!
Maher had the wrong woman when he slurred Palin, that's for sure.
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