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Well, it would have been more intelligent to do so, however, they aren't intelligent and Moochelles preferred provider of internet services simply wasn't competent and so there you have it. Retarded, non-performing and over-priced much the same as the Mooch herself.
Give me a couple of hits of whatever you are doing, because it must be real good stuff. They won't ever be unemployed. Vote them out of office and they will be lobbyists the next day.
Anyone who is a victim of our propagandized main stream media is a low information voter.
We could if the Dems would let us mine coal and use it to make the electricity.
Might ought to waterboard all of them too, just to find out what else they have been lying about for the last 5 years.
Just repeal the damn law. It isn't feasible, workable nor constitutional. It isn't a tax as the supreme court ruled. You can be put in jail for not buying a product and that isn't constitutional. If enough people say enough is enough we aren't going to play your stupid little game then the law will be unenforceable.
Like that will ever happen even if it is a law that they have to do so.
You might want to do a reality check when it comes to Cruz as well. He is married to a former Goldman Sachs vice-president. Frankly, I think they all need to be replaced after one term in office, for Senators, and either 2 - 2 year terms or one 3 year term for Representatives.
GWB did not spend us into oblivion nearly as bad as the current retard has done and is still doing plus attempting to destroy the entire idea that made this country great to begin with. Why don't the weasels in congress impeach the jerk off in chief?
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