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Just out of curiosity, will there be a pseudo affluenza for those of us who wish we were rich?
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The White House Fable Factory

PrinceDraxx Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 10:22 AM
The Louisiana Purchase was consummated well before Mary came slithering along. However, it is quite possible the she sold Louisiana down the river behind closed doors. Not that she would be any different than a boatload of LA politicians that preceded her.
Do they know who their father is?
Not to mention Bacon and eggs, not only taste good, but are good for you whereas Democraps have no taste and are definitely not good for anything.
Isn't Fidel dead yet? Or are they still propping him up in bed and keeping the room really cold so he don't rot?
Well, it would have been more intelligent to do so, however, they aren't intelligent and Moochelles preferred provider of internet services simply wasn't competent and so there you have it. Retarded, non-performing and over-priced much the same as the Mooch herself.
Give me a couple of hits of whatever you are doing, because it must be real good stuff. They won't ever be unemployed. Vote them out of office and they will be lobbyists the next day.
Anyone who is a victim of our propagandized main stream media is a low information voter.
We could if the Dems would let us mine coal and use it to make the electricity.
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