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Thoughts on “Assault Weapons” and “Magazine Limits” from an Actual Gun Expert

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 7:38 AM
This column plus the links should be enough evidence to convince any open-minded person that more gun control is the exact opposite "solution" to reduce mass murder incidents. Unfortunately, those who really need convincing are not open-minded... mostly out of fear their ego is going to take a hit if they discover they've been wrong.... or worse, been duped.

I’m not a big gun owner and I’m not part of the gun culture. So why, then, do I frequently post about the issue of gun control?

Mostly because I believe in freedom and the Constitution.

But I also appreciate facts and analysis and I know that law-abiding citizens are safer and criminals face greater obstacles when good people have the right of self defense.

Last but not least, I think there’s a non-trivial possibility that the United States will suffer some sort of social chaos and/or breakdown of law and order because of the damage caused by reckless...