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New RNC Ad: Obama Making a Big Election About Small Things

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 3:17 PM
For the "Stupid Mick's" and other libsquirts around here. Wanna talk about "Big Bird"? Then you're gonna LOVE this picture: Fellow conservatives... I'm having the above-linked picture turned into a LARGE yard sign. It will be interesting to see how many nights it lasts before a "tolerant" libsquirt steals or defaces it. Cheers!

President Obama's self-proclaimed witty comments about Big Bird, bayonets and Romnesia are being used against him in a new ad from the RNC.

The ad capitalizes off of an important point President Obama made in 2008 against John McCain: When you have no record to run on, you make a big election about small things. Yesterday President Obama finally released a new government funded jobs plan which is being sent to voters on glossy paper just 12 days ahead of the election on November 6.