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People who have difficulty discerning good from evil are usually also atheists. So, assuming there is no higher power and thus no afterlife, then each of us get only one chance at life here on Earth. Doesn't that then make each person's one chance the most sacred thing one possesses? Doesn't it then follow that if one person deprives another of their life on ideological or del gious ggronds personify "evil"?
Seriously?! ISIS members ARE serial killers and child molesters, Genius. Watch the beheading video and come back and tell me ISIS isn't evil.
It's really quite simple to understand the leftist mind set. There is nothing that stands in the way of achieving the goal of a liberal Utopia. The ends justify the means... no matter how much hypocrisy must be overlooked.
"Who are you saving the word for if "evil" is too harsh for the Islamic State?" ------------ Progressives save the word for conservatives who cling to their guns & religion. Seriously though, if Islam was not an ancient religion but a new cult, it would not be allowed to flourish.
Keep the change Wrote:16 mins ago (12:10 PM): "Since the Bush family was never really interested in DEFEATING them..." --------------------------- Gee, if the Dems and MSM had continued to support the War on Terrorism instead of demonizing Bush for political reasons, perhaps Bush might have felt more compelled to "DEFEATING" them. Your BDS comment is no more helpful than blaming Clinton for not grabbing OBL when he had the chance in the 90's. Try to catch up to today's realities, "Keep".
Read for comprehension, eric. Had you been a paid troll, you likely wouldn't be able to log in and post here. Whether or not you are a leftist, I can only judge by what you consistently write, not your protestations of leftist ideology.
ericynot1 Wrote:1 minute ago (11:31 AM): "Have a look at how Ronald Reagan handled opposition." -------------------------------- Reagan's skill at projecting fatherly leadership while describing his ideals in a logical, common sense way made the opposition look and sound like spoiled teenagers. As a result, the citizenry, both Republicans and Democrats, spoke often and loudly to their Representatives and Senators in support of Reagan. This nation needs another leader in the vein of Reagan to restore wisdom and common sense before the political divide is too wide to repair. Obama the "Uniter" has completely and thoroughly failed. Of course, such is what happens when we elect rhetoric over proven wisdom, competence and experience.
loiso2014 Wrote:22 mins ago (9:52 AM): "and; your point? Should the marine have smuggled a bunch of guns into Syria instead?" ------------- Meet "Lois".... TH's version of "Baghdad Bob"!
AZhot Wrote:39 minutes ago (9:44 AM): "Good old ericknonothing. Always full of liberal hokembabble." ------------------------------- I for one am grateful that "ericynot1" continues his persistent postings on Ransom's columns. Ever since TH finally enhanced its system to eliminate many of the paid leftist trolls, John was finding it difficult to find enough examples of lib/progressive idiocy to create his weekly Sunday Comics section. Without ericynot1 and DoctorRoy, this column might have to become a "monthly".
The question about Obama's role on this subject is whether or not HE recognized the problem with dependence on Russian rockets and was instrumental in changing this policy. I believe you'll find that private industry has done more to correct this idiocy than Obama.
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