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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 11:06 AM
Hillary's one great accomplishment was to manage Lewinsky-gate well enough to keep Bill from having to resign. That's it. What a legacy...
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DML 2016?

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 8:05 AM
That's 300 more than Obama ever employed. You can't even compute that advantage.
There are only two possibilities concerning Hillary's Benghazi problem. She's either involved in a cover-up or she is grossly incompetent. (or both). . Either way, she should never, ever be elected to anything again.
Another waste of space posted by TH's resident heterophobe.
Really?? Wow....
Hope you know Just is referring to Gutfeld. If you've seen/heard him often, then you know he's quite intelligent. But he might be over your head.
They are earning $96 million per month in the sale of black market oil.
Obama and his core advisors are the most inept and unqualified cast of characters to ever occupy the White House. 2017 cannot come quick enough.
The naïveté of Obama and those who share his worldview is stunning. And he will never get it.
You must be a tenured public school union rep. You and your blindered brethren ARE the problem.
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