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And yet he gets paid for his writings while you are posting about his "microscopic influence" for free, C4L. Who's wasting their time?
Well C4L, you have a point. You could be a Paulbot instead of a leftist.
Since the end of the draft in 1973, one-half of one percent of citizens have served in the military... that's one person out of two hundred. So what's your point?
"I take full responsibility" has become like Teflon in this administration. Try using that one in the private sector!
Stay tuned post-election day. Lawmakers were only in session for a couple of weeks before adjourning for campaigning. Trey Gowdy will not drop the ball on this.
I don't know why these segments are even labeled "interviews". Call them what they are... friendly "chit-chats" among friends.
FYI... I decided to watch this show fully expecting it to be a propaganda tool for Hillary. So far I find no similarities between Tea's character and Hillary other than gender. The writers even make Tea's role as a sex symbol. Something that no sane person would ever think of Hillary! Lol...
Do you really see it that way, Matt? I watched the entire episode and I got a different take. I saw Tea's role as the antithesiis of Hillary, including a mention that she wasn't going yo let another "Benghazi" happen on her watch. I'd say that was a blatant shot at Hillary.
Well then I guess we should just go hide in our basements? No... we have to to do three things: 1. We MUST become 100% energy independent so that no nation can influence our foreign policy through blackmail. 2. We must learn to be better propagandists than the Islamic extremists. We must energize the 90% of peaceful Muslims to embrace the 21st Century and reject the bastardization of their religion by the zealots. 3. Whenever a group like ISIS pokes its head out of the hole they must be dealt an instant and immediate blow with the FULL force of our military.
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