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No Will to Fight

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 7:23 AM
Did you even bother to actually READ the column before commenting? Try it next time so you don't sound ignorant.
To my fellow conservatives who are calling for impeachment, here are the realities: When Obama defied the odds to become the "first black president", he became the first "unimpeachable" president. If Republicans attempt this, the cries of "racism" will drown out any objective debate on the merits. Even were this president not black, he's got another insurance policy against impeachment that can be described in three words, "President Joe Biden". No, if we want to see a conservative president come 2016, the Congress needs to avoid this trap, while doing everything in their power to minimize further damage by the worst president in U.S. history.
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Obama vs. Us

Primus54 from Ohio Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 7:16 AM
Agreed. We should be thankful Obama IS mostly incompetent. Otherwise the damage he's attempted would be even worse.
I agree. I am more optimistic that the GOP will articulate a uniform message after the new Congress is sworn in. I base this on how well the 2014 mid-terms were managed. Nobody self-destructed this time or committed a major gaff. The candidates were by and large excellent. On top of this, a majority of Americans support the things the GOP wants to do and Obama supports the opposite, despite the election results.
Open the borders? The borders are already open, my friend.
Political Reality. To my fellow conservatives that are relentlessly calling on "someone" to "do something!", it is time to recognize that there are realities that simply cannot be overcome these next two years. Obama beat considerable odds to become the first black president. Because he did, that fact becomes his greatest insurance policy. Any effort to remove him will instantly be called racist and that will cost the GOP dearly for several election cycles. No, what needs to happen is for the GOP to keep pointing out the lawlessness and policy failures over and over to set up 2016 for another wave election. Get a 60 senator majority and the White House and much of the damage can be reversed.
None of this would be continuing if we had a "Reagan" in the White House. The last time America was this humiliated on the world stage was when the second worst president was in office. If our politicians had the will, our military could crush these Satan disciples in 6 months.
Really? What do you expect? Are you doing anything yourself? Are you aware that ABC, CBS & NBC have devoted less than 5 minutes to this story since it broke? If it weren't for FoxNews (and Megyn), it's doubtful you'd even know about this. Focus your anger on those responsible.
One of the first things the new Congress should do is vote to make themselves subject to Obamacare. Then they should piecemeal bill after bill to deconstruct the ACA. Make the Democrats vote over and over to preserve this monstrosity.
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