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You idiot, all of that is what you and your fool party did. Grow up and get educated, because obviously that government provided education didn't do enough for you. BTW, another great idea from the Demacratic party, or should I say the Demonic party?
She doesn't have enough up bringing to abide by the rules!
You liberals whine too much. The party is over & your temper tantrums are being ignored. Grow up and get a job.
That's right, blame it on Bush AAGAIN!
Obama doesn't want to be tied to foriegn nationals. Of course he doesn't want them to donate legally. It looks badly for someone who has to rely on foriegn contributions that account for 1/2 of their AMERICAN campaign funds. Wake up!
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A Legal Bow to the Terrorists

primrosegoodwoman Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 9:14 PM
What makes you think it's not happening already?
Wow, I thought you morons called us racist!!!
Wow, I thought you morons called us racist!!!
I am ashamed to be from Ohio. What a bunch of ignorant people. They have been backward thinking forever and I am glad that I left 20 years ago.
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