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Why Obama Will Go Racist Against Romney

PretendApostateRon Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 8:01 PM
Mormons were persecuted in their early days because they did not believe in slavery or in owning slaves; this was one of the main points that "compelled" their enemies to mob the Mormons out of their cities. I guess if they hated the blacks so much they would have been in agreement with their slave-owning neighbors who thought they were not criminal enough and pro-slavery enough. Joseph Smith helped some blacks by letting them board with him and he also ordained blacks to the priesthood. Speaking of fallabilities of past prophets, one only has to go to the scriptures -- for example, the Bible -- to find imperfect but holy prophets. But Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith.

A lot has been said by those who believe the GOP has no choice but to nominate Mitt Romney for general election candidacy against incumbent President Barack Obama.

Those who have argued in favor of such a position are naive, and should fully consider many ramifications in attempting to brainwash the constituency before a single primary vote has been cast. 

Realizing that some in Republican circles were trying to circumvent the voters in the process (not naming Ann Coulter specifically), I feel it's important to state some things publicly that such voices have failed to mention.