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How the Government Breaks up Marriages

PresidentDon Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 7:07 PM
I'd like the companionship of a nice woman, but it's not worth the risk of some princess, having a bad monthly, men have to walk a tight rope not to iritate the princess, I called cops for protection from spousal abuse 3 times, told the cops where my wife was getting meth, where she was hiding each time, results: Why was I annoying her that made her mad. NO arrest, NO detainment, she walked away free. Solution:Divorce from a 25 yr marriage. I can no longer trust risking any relationship with a woman. No wonder so many men turn gay. I no longer believe in Marriage between a man and a woman. When I look at a woman, I visualize the anger she could exhibit, not the love and peace I'd like to see. I do not hit woman, I use to love women!
Jenni2 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 9:27 PM
Good girls are out there sweetheart. Don't give up. Just live in dignity no matter what, and stand your ground and defend your values. If you're unashamed to be a man, you will attract a real woman who will respect you for it, and make your life better not a constant headache. You're going through what many men are going through these days - but believe it or not, most women aren't thrilled about it either. It's just that they've been brainwashed. The Left has made women confused and bitter, and we just end up alone and broke.How is that progress? Be a traditional man with traditional values, and you'll find a pretty piece of down home pound cake to share your life with you to soothe your troubles.
A very public marital melodrama is now playing in San Francisco. It shows the idiocy of domestic violence laws and the extremism of the feminists whose ideology paints men as innate batterers and women as victims of the patriarchy.

The target of their current campaign is the elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. After six months of demeaning publicity and headlines such as "Sheriff arrested for wife beating," last week the city's Ethics Commission voted 4 to 1 against him. He has been suspended without pay and may soon be fired.

The saga isn't over yet, but the story is so bizarre that it...

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