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I don't know if our Military would fire on us, but I know our local police do it every day in America. The cops shoot first and ask questions later. It is so dangerous for the cops that they have been issued tanks, and every conceivable weapon needed to take control of every single citizen. Then put us in FEMA camps, to Fundamentally Change America, Obama's plan from day ONE.
We can't have Marines actually protecting the United States. It would upset the plan to surrender our nation when the UN troops arrive for Martial Law takeover of America. They finally confessed that Marines protecting any of our Embassy's do not carry loaded weapons. But at least our borders are protected from invaders, OH that's right, they don't protect our borders either. America, we are in trouble, and we don't have any Patriots anymore, only Cowards who surrender for peace.
just Google my name, Google keeps me right at the top of listings for "Don Cordell" and check more on pages 4, 5, 6, 7 etc I have the plan to save our nation. Do you have any other solution? With government admitting 50% of our citizens live below the poverty level, 47 million on Food Stamps, and you don't see what is happening? In Detroit there is no hope, it will happen in your town, if you don't change the direction we are headed by treason in the House and Senate.
I predicted this would happen to all of America since I started running as Independent Candidate for President in 2000. When you want to rescue America you must stop electing Democrats or Republicans, both parties are determined to destroy this nation. to give us United Nations troops patrolling and controlling America. It's not just Detroit, look at any city with a predominant Black or minority population, all the same, filth and poverty. If people don't have jobs, they can't support the structure of the government. I"m now 86, and I'm still offering to Restore not Change America, when Citizens finally wake up and realize, in 40 years all of America will be destroyed. Our manufacturing has been moved out of America. Don Cordell for Pres.
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The Lost Concept of a Public Servant

PresidentDon Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 7:08 PM
These are examples of why we still need the 2nd Amendment. It's time for another Revolution.
Locking up the those with Mental Problems sounds great, until they decided it's you. Who will make that decision? I worked in the L A County hospital for 15 years, and I saw those brought in by police who determined someone was a threat to themselves and OTHER'S, they were held for 72 hour evaluation, then the court decided if they should be held longer. Who defended them? NO one. It could be you, and someone who does not like you, contacts authorities, tell's them you even made a threat, no proof, but you are it. It could be years, or forever, as you become totally angry at being locked up, certainly a threat NOW. Goodbye Bill of Rights. So remember it sounded like a good idea, as long as it doesn't happen to you. Obama loves you?
I'll go along with gun control when Obama disarms the Secret Service who protect him.
If the United Nations troops were invading your home to take possession of your home, to put you and your fqmily out on the street, would like like to have a gun, or a bible? We have to stand up to tyranny someway, and be realistic as to the danger of a government only having guns. We would still be a sattelite of England if our ancestors had not had guns. I don't care if the times are different, people are not different, and when we have a totalitarian government, you will have no freedoms. IF I'm being invaded, I want sufficient firepower to protect me and my family. The military in New Orleans went home to home and demanded surrender of all weapons, do you suppose they would have taken NO for an answer, or would they have shot resistors?
In 1985 my mothers cousin had retired to a "Christian" home, when she became ill, the leaders of the home placed her in a local hospital, I visited her on Dec 28th, she asked me to get her something to eat, that she was so hungry and they had not been feeding her enough. I went to get her some hamburgers, and on my way back to her room, I was stopped and told I could not give her any food, she was on a no food regime for a reason. She died 2 days later. Summation? She left a large donation to the Christian? home, it was time for them to collect. If a Christian home can show such low regard for life, what do you think our government will do? This Christian home was in Rosemead, CA Things she wanted me to have they told me they were keeping
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Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling?

PresidentDon Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 1:48 AM
research: CO2 is heavier than air. 1.5 times heavier, so where is CO2? at the lowest ground level possible. It's lke pigs could fly if they weren't so heavy, IF CO2 is heavier, it is not "up" in the atmosphere. If you fill a ballon with water does that make it float in air? So CO2 at ground level is absorbed by all living plant material to release Oxygen, and the plants absorb the Carbon. This is simple chemistry 101. So now What is the Argument? While we had 99 degree weather from July 2 until October 1, it was not as high as an occasional108 this year in Los Angeles county. It is so easy to believe that the Sky is falling if we are told enough times. so why this scam? To turn off America, turn off the lights when you leave the country.
The only way Obama could understand the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be if it was written in Eubonics. On the serious side. CO2 is 1.5 time heavier than Oxygen and Nitrogen, so CO2 seeks the lowest ground level possible. IT is NOT in the upper atmosphere, it does not contribute to Global Warming. All growing plants absorb CO2 to grow. Trees convert CO2 to Oxygen. and consume the carbon to form CarboHydrates CH. Study chemistry and learn about the scam Al Gore is feeding us. Learn to know what you vote for and whom you vote for. Or we have lost this nation. the CIA is great at killing undesirables where is the CIA when you really need them?
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