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Solutions to Black Education

PresidentDon Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 2:40 PM
The idea that white Americans can help black American problems is a joke. When these children are raised by a Mother with an IQ of 70 or less, school drop out at best, who show disrespect for all men, we end up with children who have no ambition, told it's Whiteys fault that they are poor, school is a waste of time, they arrived in school as though it is being forced upon them as punishment, they believe we should pay them welfare, "we OWE them". White America can't fix Black America. Until "they" decide to rise up out of the poverty themselves, this will continue for another 100 years. There are many highly educated Blacks who turn their back on the Black poor. They know there is no solution to force these poor people to change,it has to come from within the Black Community. Look at every Black community in America and you see no pride for civilized living. WE can't help, we can only shun them to keep this destruction out of our communities. Why did all business leave Detroit, MI? View the destruction caused by the 1967 riots. Why would anyone want to live with these people?
Lets Restore not Change America.
The Master Criminal in America,lives in the White House, that's where controlling crime need to begin. If I were your next president, I'd throw him out of the servants exit. He has the gall to tell us what we want to hear, knowing he is burying us in Poverty. Let's ReVote in 2016 and Restore no Change America.I Don Cordell will save this nation if I get a chance. If you are poor and homeless, that's a crime, isn't it?
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Are We Detroit?

PresidentDon Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 9:35 PM
It was not the Unions per se it was the attitude of the employee's, and the unfair competition of foreign manufacturers importing 90% of the parts for assembled in America vehicles. Detroit can't compete with $2 labor of those imported ready to assemble parts. We need to insist all parts are made in America, by Americans to restore the economy of America. Congress has the power to control our borders, and control imports. They do neither. Until we elect Patriots in the House and Senate, our nation will continue to fall. This started 100 years ago with the Federal Reserve Banking System, then establishing INCOME TAXES to defraud America. The Great Depression was started by the New Fed Banking System that pulled the credit to get America started on Socialism. YOU work for the Government, you obey the government, you worship the government or else. I will put America back to work if I become your next president. OR America is over.
Did "WE" reelect Obama?
The new World Plan, if the Government doesn't make it, you don't need it. This will continue as long as you elect Republicans or Democrats. When you finally elect an Independent Candidate like me, you will continue to slide into Poverty. WE peasants must stop using the worlds resources needed by the Very Rich in the future. Reducing the world population to under 500 million is a start. Don't need to waste Ammo to eliminate us, just a little starvation poverty will do wonders. Google Don Cordell for answers.
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How Abortion Has Changed America

PresidentDon Wrote: May 27, 2013 11:20 PM
Even tho I'm 86 I'd take evereyone of those unwanted babies to raise and love, to have and to hold from this day forward. Has life become to unwanted, that we have no love for our babies? What if all of us, had been aborted, where is America going? I'm ashamed that today's women become accidentally pregnant, by men who do not care either. It's time to Restore religious morals, or we will fall like Rome did.
Any looking at, or comments to females makes men automatically gullty, even if we ignore them, guilty. Men lost control about 100 years ago, now women are offended just because they are women, it's all our fault. I've tried for 60 years to understand women, and I give up. Wise decision. I no longer have any concern about their problems, since there is no solution.
Since the police are trained professional killers, they only need one bullet in their guns.
I don't know if our Military would fire on us, but I know our local police do it every day in America. The cops shoot first and ask questions later. It is so dangerous for the cops that they have been issued tanks, and every conceivable weapon needed to take control of every single citizen. Then put us in FEMA camps, to Fundamentally Change America, Obama's plan from day ONE.
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