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Unemployment, Growth and Competition

preacher1611 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 4:07 PM
If you want an eye opener, check this link out. And then forward the link to everyone you can. There was a website called, but it's been taken down and replaced with a pro-obama site. Go figure. Then go to the Wikipedia article on "famine" and read section 2.1: State Sponsored Famine. Don't believe for one second that that son of Belial in the white house won't do it to you. He would take food right out of your mouth to feed his Muslim friends or his Kenyan family. Forward this info! Make it go viral!

The unemployment numbers were released this morning. They were not as good as expected. Pretty horrible actually. Some of the comments from pundits ahead of the number were interesting. Diane Swonk said, “I never thought I’d be reading political briefs to make my decisions on investing.”. She and I both. It’s a weird time.

Our labor participation rate is horrific. It almost looks to me like government employees are messing with that number in order to change the headline percentage number. Older statistics were revised down. It’s not as if we haven’t seen manipulation in other areas of the bureaucracy. We...

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