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Obama’s Master Plan

pragmaticapitalist Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 6:39 PM
He has nothing to lose. Option 1) create enough chaos by fiat that the republicans, even "if" they win back the senate and keep the house, and "if" they have the cajones will have a difficult time at best unravelling it. Option 2) import enough "D" voters that the republicans won't win either the senate or the house or Option 3) an uprising starts to which martial law will be the response and the elections suspended.
If you want a sneak peek at what socialized medicine will look like in our country, look at the current VA system. That's the model folks.
If the Chrisitan is wrong, he has lost nothing when he dies. If he is correct however, he has gained everything. Conversely, if the atheist is correct, he has gained nothing when he dies. If he is wrong however, he has lost everything...
I have no problem with a firing squad, hanging, or most other types of executions. Our society is too often hung up on using "humane" options to put to death those who have shown no humanity. I believe the penalty should be harsh, quickly done, and done in public. On a side note - one must understand the Mormon faith to know the root of suggesting the use of the firing squad. Mormons believe that certain sins (primarily murder but also others in the "top ten") are so egregious that the sacrificial death of Christ alone can not save them. These must die by the spilling of blood, referred to as "blood atonement". Death by hanging, lethal injection, gas, or electrocution does not serve this purpose, but the firing squad clearly does.
I can understand there are anarchists, those that are anti-government, as well as those who just want to live off the grid and therefore don't want to have an ID. The question is - why would any of those people want to vote in the first place?
Questions - what is the percentage of people who pay no federal income tax? and - were those individuals included in this poll?
"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke
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Standing at the Summit

pragmaticapitalist Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 7:52 AM
Congratulations Mike - and God bless your sir!
The guy is clearly a Hindu (pacifist). What should we expect?
What is he going to do - require that a warning label be put on every firearm?
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