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how about lady macbeth?
"It's also completely understandable that, as the nation's first African American First Lady, Mrs. Obama would be invested in demonstrating what should be clear to all -- namely, that skin color has nothing to do with one's ability to be tasteful and elegant." . . . . . . . the only thing she's demonstrating is her taste is cheap, but very expensive. (which also has nothing to do wtih race.)
patty murry has never been known for her 'ladysmarts'. (the nicest thing that can be said about her is she is FAR nicer and has more scruples than maria cantwell. which isn't saying much.)
but, but, but . . . . clooney et al are the 1%. they want to rule with their dear leader, just like in their inspirational fatherland - the USSR. they get waivers, continue living the high life, and everyone else struggles with grinding poverty.
obemao is jimmah on *steriods*.
well done artur. considering their corruption, the cbc's disdain of you should be considered a badge of honor.
well, summer of 2008 he said energy prices would necessarily rise - I guess people weren't LISTENING to him.
very articulate young lady, but I will offer one change. She ended with toure should be embarassed. I disagree - he should be ashamed.
obama's plan to dismantle the american economy
oohhh where are bambi's school records? we want to know how academically brilliant he really is.
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