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Spread the Wealth Around? How About Spreading the GPAs Around Instead?

ppmstudios Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 9:39 AM
I think this was a very good exercise in logic and the real American dream. Once it's explained, or drawn out on paper with crayons to those parasites willing to up their own GPA at the expense of those who actually put in the work. Hopefully those leeches will realize that to achieve higher marks, one must put in the necessary work to actually achieve those higher grades. Or, maybe they'll just go back to their dorms and have another sip of bong-water and check out the cartoon channel.....

We all know liberals are willing to take from some in order to redistribute to others when it comes to income, but are they willing to do the same when it comes to spreading around their high college grade point average?

"No! I worked hard for my grades."