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Romney, Not Obama, Shows Concern For Nation's Poor

poyman Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 1:54 AM
Actually, 911 would probably have been sniffed out and stopped had Clinton not reduced the Military Budget by historic proportions... Everyone wants to sing his praises because of the surpluses that this military reduction generated, but his actions left the country unprepared to ward off these type of Terrorist Plans and Activities... Imagine if these Military Reductions had not occured... There would have been a good chance that 911 would not have happened, and without 911 there would have been no Afghanistan and no Iraq II... Without those money burners we may well have been able to escape the depths of the huge Economic Downturn.

CINCINNATI - There's an odd imbalance that few have noticed in this presidential campaign. In the midst of a continuing economic downturn, one candidate talks regularly about poverty, and the other doesn't. The one who does is the Republican, Mitt Romney.

He's done it for a long time. Go back to Romney's March 30 speech in Appleton, Wis., in which he introduced the charge that President Obama is creating a "government-centered society." "Over 46 million Americans are now living in poverty, more than ever before in our nation's history," Romney said. "In households with single moms, over 39 percent are...