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Et Tu, John Roberts?

pow1000 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 2:51 PM
Roberts apparently doesnt give a flying leap about the constitution or the people of the United States. He wanted a chance to make it HIS court, and this was his chance. A Very Selfish Decision!!!! ITS NOT ABOUT YOU, ROBERTS. Its about little old US. He is beginning to look like 0bama, "its all about ME". Maybe now he will be invited to Hollyweird parties.

Another supposed conservative Supreme Court justice has turned to the left. Chief Justice John Roberts has joined the ignominious list of Republican Supreme Court appointments who betrayed the conservative movement. The Supreme Court Justice Hall of Shame continues to grow with Roberts joining other turncoats such as John Paul Stevens and David Souter.

In two stunning decisions this week, Roberts joined with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court to provide major victories for the Obama administration. On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down most of Arizona’s illegal immigration law designed to...