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Anything is possible with this regime.
FREE STUFF! The word gets around.
Exactly! Supervise another autopsy and get it right this time. Cop should be arrested. Need to do for my people.
What an emotional, immature Ditz! And that's the nice word.
Is any republican standing by Perry? Haven't heard a peep out of them. Even if they are on vacation, they could pick up a pen. Surprisingly so far its been only some librals like Dershovitz and some others.
Yep, he really runs the gubment. This old jewish Nazi (who turned in his own people) was thrown out of many countries including England for shady currency dealings, trying to break the Bank of England. Welcomed by the 0bama administration, has access to the White House, one of his advisors. But its interesting that no Jew has ever said peep about this guy, negative or positive. I guess they stick together on this.
Holder will supervise a third autopsy. AND THEY BETTER GET IT RIGHT this time. Otherwise there will be more until it fits the program.
Or call a psychiatrist to talk.
Just flag and ignore lowa$$
Wolf Ditz is one of the biggest idiots on TV.
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