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What an embarrassing idiot.
This guy sounds like he is in Jr. High. Unbelievable, a president of the United States?
Fallen is a fake, he is totally in the tank for 0bama. His first guest was Michelle 0.
Yep, remember what he did to Romney.
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Wendy Davis is Also Wrong on Education

pow1000 Wrote: Apr 02, 2014 4:55 PM
I see Abortion Bimbo is branching out.
Lars, they go and run with your idea.
Old Harry needs to put away. Does he know Soros, the benefactor of 0bama, and leftwing socialist and commie organizations? He must, Soros has free access to the White House. The Koch Bros. only crime is they are rich and conservative. The made their money the honest way compared to Soros who has been expelled from many countries due to insider trading, currency devaluation and breaking the Bank of England. During WWII Soros worked for the Nazis, turning in his own people, the jews. But it was only business, he says.
Sounds perfect for 0bama.
............and if like likes his little victory dance, he can keep his little victory dance.
He thinks he is so cute with his little jokes and comedy shows appearances. Sorry we want an honest and competent president, not some talk show host who can make stuff up as he goes along. Who can lie over and over to us with "If you like your Dr., you can keep your Dr.; If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance." 29 times or more he lied, and thinks its no big deal. Its really disgusting, this regime, and so is the so-called press, who are nothing more than boot lickers.
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