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Soros s a piece of work. He also was convicted in several countries for currency devaluation and breaking the bank of England. But here he found asylum with the present regime. He has free access to the White House and is the largest contributors. He also owns the current voting machines that count the votes. Voter Fraud is so easy with these guys.
Harry Reid is either insane, senile or both. He needs to be put away.
Yep, you're right. Nothing but crooks running the government.
Hey that's why no voter I.D.
Really? I am NOT wondering.
No surprise! I always thought the 2012 election was voter fraud. So how are they going to prevent that happening again?
Come to think of it, she still in China lecturing them?
Flag NRM. must be lois partner.
NRM is a lib troll.
This is not about Boehner. But hey, good job trying to protect Pee Wee.
What an embarrassing idiot.
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