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Remember the Hikers in Iran? We have a surplus of stupid young people, all college graduates or in college, majoring in self-esteem, women's study, hash tagging, journaling, stuff like that. They all should have to pull a stint in the military.
................focus on non-food items such as flower bulbs, cards, and wrapping paper.... Keep it, I aint buying.
They major in women's studies, global warming, sexual deviance (not kidding), hash tagging, face booking, things like that.
When Christians did these unspeakable things, it was when? The whole world did unspeakable things. Haven't we progressed, or should we expect to go back because of what happened hundreds of years ago. These young women are so dumb. Perfect brides for ISIS.
And these are College Students? Gawd we are a stupid country full of stupid young people, especially women. The only intelligent guy was the former military. Thank you for your service.
0bama called it a travesty. That right there tells you what an anti-American jerk he is.
"Good for me, but not for thee" Typical liberal leftist control freak.
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Don't Count On An Election-Day Tsunami

pow1000 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 3:21 PM
There will be massive voter fraud and you know it. And the Republicans will ignore it again, stick their head in the sand, pretend it didn't happen. "We just didn't get the message across" they'll say. Its much easier than acknowledging whats really going on and they still will be invited to the parties in the White House.
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