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Stop it with the "children' you fool. Most of them are young adults, some with children, single mothers, teenagers, and "children" with full body tattoos.
Maybe the American Jews would at least think about not voting for 0bama and the democrats? Ha, fat chance! They are still giving him tons of money at fundraisers.
Not very much? He doesn't like us at all. Its obvious he has no connections to this country.
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

pow1000 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 8:37 PM
I wonder what happened to Gov. Brewer. She used to speak up.
Destroying the American Military is right on track too. Hagel is too stupid to even comment intelligently about it, but then that's why he was selected.
Yes, Jane, that bothers me too. The Israelis are totally different than the American Jews, who are just like any leftist liberal. I have been to Israel and love the people there. But what is wrong with the American Jews. Every one of the jews I know are very leftwing and voted twice for 0bama. (85%) Still are defending him like this one friend, who said to me "poor 0bama, he has his plate full". Really? he doesn't think so. Everything is just honky dory for him. I wonder if Joan is going to be shunned in Hollywood now.
Yeah!!!! Good for her! She is exactly right!!!!!!! Don't let the b@s tards get you down, Joan.
automatic flag on my computer for lois.
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