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Abortion Bimbo please.
I know what you mean, my son was married twice to a fem n a zi.
Exactly! Well said.
"Young Women"? These are children!
This will attract pedophiles, I am sure. The parents that took part in this should be arrested for child endangerment, child exploitation and just bad parenting, there is no doubt in my mind.
..and she is proud of it.
Just look at Abortion Bimbo Wendy Davis.
Yep, that would be a big one.
I know what you mean. Its like asking for trouble. I have had an employee like that. Walked on eggshells. Wendy Davis type mothers, I am sure.
Do these little girls have fathers or just a single parent mother? That's my guess. Utterly disgusting! The mothers of these little girls should be arrested for child abuse.
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