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America Sinks as We Bail Out Egypt

pow1000 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 11:46 AM
"The American people should be outraged over this." Yes, they should, but most of our population is too stupid to know whats going on. They watch late night comedian shills like Stewart Leibowitz, Kimmel, Letterman and others to get their political information between watching the Kardashians. The dumbing down of America was successful. We're sinking fast.

John Kerry just spit in the eye of the American people.  For the past month we have been bombarded with Obama and his administration predicting Armageddon due to the sequester.  The American people were supposed to be looking at cutbacks and layoffs, long lines at the airports, no more food inspections, and children starving in the streets!  Not to mention we haven’t enough money to send the aircraft carrier U.S. Truman to the Persian Gulf.

Well that was last week.  I guess we found some spare change in an old suit because John Kerry just gave $250 million to...