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Let me get this straight. IF anyone disagrees with the boy king's policies, it's politicizing. You are actually saying here that Obama gets the "so let it be written, so let it be done" power? That old saw about politics ending at the border was destroyed way back in the 1960's by Obama's momma and all his school teachers and cronies. Please don't insult our reason and intelligence. The man-child gets to answer to the consequences of his own stupidity and arrogance and down-right lazyness.
Oh, did Bush claim those attacks were because of a movie? Did Bush send his UN Ambassador out to five Sunday news shows to say these attacks were a result of a protest? And Congress held constant hearings about those, the Twin Towers, the war in Iraq, and every word spoken by every Administration official, including a low-level secretary at the CIA. Are you kidding here?
"were" not "was"---sorry
By your reasoning, Jane Fonda and Bill Ayers and Obama's mother was just doubling down on Lyndon Johnson's unfortunate death of US Soldiers. And Reagan was just doubling down on Carter's hostage crisis which he created by pulling the rug out from under the Shah and praising the people's choice, the Ayatollah Khomeini . Are you actually saying here that no administration can be held accountable for its foreign policy? What do you think the President is? A figure-head whose sole purpose is to party hardy and go on the Letterman or Jerry Springer show? God help us if we've gone that far down the road to serfdom.
I could, off the top of my head, give you a five-page list of things that should send this Administration out of Washington in disgrace (or to jail). THIS would have about as much affect on the sleeping public and complicite media as Fast and Furious and handing our money to Obama's cronies had except that there's an election and Romney actually has a small window of oppportunity to tell the truth without the media filter. This is the most corrupt administration in American history. (And I'm including Wilson and Johnson and Hardy in that evaluation)
Hmmmm. You are actually saying here that Obama is free from all responsibility for his own foreign policy? You do remember that Libya is the war Obama started without Congressional concent, then got on a plane to fly to Rio to give Brazil $2 billion of our money to develop their off-shore oil as he was shutting down ours? The same war he said would last for days---weeks at the most. The same war where people were noting that amongst the freedom fighters were known terrorists and Obama did nothing? And he opens a consulate in Benghazi without assuming it would be a prime target for the resident terrorists? And Obama never asks a question or assumes there might be trouble on 9-11? Obama goes to bed and then to Vegas.
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