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They don't attack anyone that truly understands War, you can not have a clean civilized war. There has to be a very dirty side to it, to make it something we see as a option to use only as a last resort. We won WWII because we understood that, there was destruction, innocent lives lost but a clear understanding that we were not going to be beat. I say if you are going to put boots on the ground there, dip you bullets in pig blood and shoot to kill, destroy everything in sight and forget the PC side of the argument, don't worry about making friends. They hate us, a dead enemy is a good enemy.
War is when state or non-state commits violence against another state or non-state. That is what is happening when ODUMBO sends bombs over another country because of violent acts by said people. With that definition of War, any idiot should understand that. When Israel sent missiles back at Hamas in reply tokamaks sending missiles at them the MSM and this administration had no problem calling it a war. No difference as far as I can see except we find it over two journalist Israel did it over thousands of missiles yet ODUMBO can not see this as hypocrisy.
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Scots on the Rocks

porgovmntworker Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 10:17 AM
That would truly improve Arizona , if they did that they would be an asset.
Unfortunately congress cannot throw anyone in jail, they have to have the DOJ do that and we know poor pitiful They are picking on me Holder will not do that. That is why there are several individuals are sueing the IRS and involving the courts.
Simple stop using tweeter! We have forgotten how to communicate in person and through the mail.
I worked in the WIC program for years, with their vouchers you have to buy certain types food within thirty days. You also could not use them just anywhere, you have To go to stores that meet the WIC standards. As a system of the fed it works surprisingly well.
The whites have done so in the past we call that place Detroit.
The media uses the word Hispanic as a race it is not it means they or their ancestors came from a Spanish speaking country, they can be white, black, Asian, depending on country of origin. Only in this country do we have to put a label in front of a race,black American, Asian American, etc. so when you hear the media say that whites will be a minority it is not true it is race baiting.
I am with you I am called every Monday morning by my supervisor to find out how many voter registrations I have. I am not in the voter registration business but I am harrassed if I don't get them. We are also given more ways to make people eligible for my program. We are told we have to get our numbers up more so we can get more money from the govnment so we can give more out what a mad circle we run around hee.
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