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This Much we Know: What Happened at Benghazi

Popham Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 12:25 PM
So much written on blogs, in newspapers and multiple websites, but the point is again that we the American people have been lied to, by all of the Obama administration. Our intelligence is assauted and insulted on a daily basis, and just today three Republican senators met with Susan Rice and said afterwards, that they are even more doubtful of her story. We must never, ever forget Benghazi, even if it means impeachment proceedings of the president for high treason. We've had enough. It is up to Congress and the Senate to investigate to the fullest extent exactly what happened on 9/11/12 in Benghazi.
The investigations continue unabated as the accusations and defenses multiply in the aftermath of the murderous attack on our diplomats in Benghazi. But this much we know: American lives, including that of our ambassador to Libya, were lost. Chris Stevens was respected at home and loved in Libya, where he had become a symbol of America's good will and, more important, the ability of this country and the West in general to act in freedom's cause, not just talk about it.

The energetic and courageous American ambassador had played an important role in Libyans' liberation from the Gadhafi era,...