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Olga and Julia: Moochers of the World Unite!

Popham Wrote: May 05, 2012 10:32 AM
And who do you suppose the minority "Roma" population is right here in the U.S.? And where is the stigma, if any? -Layabouts suckling off the teet of government entitlements? -Illegal immigrants being offered every conceivable free government benefit? -Labor unions draining the coffers of almost every state in the union? -The ignorant cause without purpose, otherwise known as OWS? -The real, true "99%" of hard-working Americans, who through illegal taxation pay for all the above? You be the judge, my fellow Americans. I feel "hoplessness and resignation" with regards to all these groups, but how do you place a "stigma" on what amounts to the entire population of this once great nation?

Back in 2010, I declared that Olga Stefou was a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Greek welfare state.

She was one of the protesters and – if the story captured her thoughts accurately – she displayed an unlimited entitlement mentality. Sort of helps one understand why this cartoon is so accurate.

Now we have an American version of Olga. Her name is Julia, and she is just as much of a moocher.

The good news, though, is that Julia is only a make-believe leech. She’s been created by the Obama campaign to show how big government can...