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Obama’s Psycho Job Phobia

Popham Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 8:34 AM
Thanks Mr. Ransom. You are of course correct in your assumption that Obama does not care about creating jobs. Afterall, he and Joe Biden will soon be too busy touring the country to rally support for Obama's 23 proposals on gun controls. Now isn't that special? Their over-reaction to the Newtown massacre is approaching pure lunacy. During this once great nation's economic/fiscal/financial crises, during a recession, where people still struggle to make ends meet, the White House is embarking on a 'country tour' at considerable expense to the American taxpayer to tout and spout off about the absudity of limiting our 2nd Amendment Rights. we need a new White House.............soon.

Good news everyone: Jobless claims on a weekly basis fell to a five-year low according to the Labor Department.

Bad news everyone: Yet still more people remain jobless.

And why is that? Because Obama doesn’t care about jobs.

When you reckon out the newest jobless figures using the Obama’s best calculus, the weekly decline doesn’t mean that fewer people are unemployed.

That would be asking way too much from an administration that seems phobic about private-sector job creation.

“Applications for jobless benefits decreased by 37,000 to 335,000 in the week ended Jan. 12, the lowest level since the period ended Jan....