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Obama Proposes Last Minute "Mini Deal," Adding Milk Lobby Bonus

Popham Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 11:35 AM
Of course the "fiscal cliff" is just one big distraction, a diversion as always, from what is really going on in Washington. What Congress, the Senate and the White House conveniently fail to mention is that the U.S. government's daily income is $5 billion, while its expenditures are $11 billion every day. Add to this the fact that the 'government' pays $854 million each day on interest alone and then my fellow the math. The current $16.5 trillion debt of this once great nation is, by the way, a mere 1/5 th of the real, true and total national debt of $86 trillion. This is what our erstwhile politicians in Washington do not talk about in public. The lies, deceit, corruption and cowardliness. Good luck, America.
gjmlb Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 9:29 PM
Yes, agree with you, and it does always seem they have a distraction to divert from the obvious

The one thing I am always afraid of in budget negotiations is that virtually nothing is done, or worse yet, something counterproductive is done.

Obama's latest Fiscal Cliff "Mini-Deal" Proposal is exactly the kind of counterproductive nonsense I am talking about.

Assuming the above Atlantic Wire article is correct ...

  1. The deal would delay or replace the vast majority of spending cuts called for in...