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Gosh Mr. Boehner, why not do us all a big favor right now and resign. Then Trey Gowdy could become the true conserative speaker of the house.
It is alleged (just a rumor) that Obama was intoxicated and thus 'unable' to follow the events of the Benghazi terrorist attack. Irregardless.....we need a new president of the United States........ASAP.
OMG.....drivers licences to illegal immigrants in our Capitol? Truly, the world is upside down and the mayor of Washington is severely un-American.
The deaths of four Americans, the lies and subsequent cover-ups are not by any stretch of the imagination "pure politics".
And so my fellow Americans, at long last, finally, our House of Representatives is taking swift and defined action against the Obama administration and the State Dept. Bravo for choosing Trey Gowdy to head up the Benghazi panel. And we cannot wait for John Kerry to testify on Capitol Hill later this month. Bravo. Look out White House.....Trey Gowdy and Darryl Issa are coming for you. Finally.
Why must we be subjected to these daily lies, deceit and cover-ups by Jay Carney and the White House? It's all getting to be more absurd than ever. The memos and emails are now proof positive that the Obama WH was complicit in the cover-ups to protect his 2012 campaign. If this were a Republican WH, the leftist MSM would be all over the subject 24/7.
"Unfair"? "Un-American"? Mr. Taylor (the lawyer for Lerner) is just being a good and defiant spokesman for his client, but he is a fool if he thinks for one second that anyone in this country does not believe that Lerner's targeting of conservative groups ever since she was at the FEC and then the IRS, does not constitute being exceptionally unfair and very, very un-American. Hold her in contempt, unless she's willing to testify under oath.
Well, it's about time; however, referring such a case to our so-called Justice Department? Let's see how long it takes them (Eric Holder) to initiate prosecution. Don't hold your breath, my fellow Americans.
And so we all know that this "equal pay for women" routine is just another White House ploy of pure, unmitigated distraction away from the five scandals that currently assail Obama. We need a new president of the United States.............ASAP.
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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

Popham Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 3:30 PM
OMG....Jay Carney will say anything in defense of Obama. Jay....your pants are on fire.
Congressional representatives spend a mere 40% of their time on Capitol Hill 'working' for the people. The other 60% is guessed it..... on the campaign trail raising money for their next election. If $174,000 is not enough of an annual salary, then we suggest that these 'legislators' resign and return to the private sector. Mr. are a greedy, selfish, insensitive moron.
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