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Thank you.....good point..
Congress is going to "DEBATE" whether or not to sue Barack Hussein Obama? Congress should have taken action like his a long time ago. Oh, and we bet that Barack Obama is just shaking in his slippers.....isn't he?
And lest we not forget that Robert Rodriguez ('filmmaker') is the Holywood director of the "Machete" trilogy of movies, which of course depicst the most bloody, criminal violence which occurs on our southern borders. Yes, Rodriguez is the liberal type with whom our 'president' hangs out. What!?
Poor old Hillary Clinton. A pathetic book tour and dismal book sales, but by God she's got her $14 million book advance and $200,000.000 plus per speaking engagement. Not bad for a lackluster career as first lady, senator, presidential candidate and secretary of state. And she has visions of becoming our commander-in-chief? We think not.
New York City now sets itself up for more poilitically correct lunacy, not to mention defying the Constitutional Laws of this once great nation. Good luck, NYC......good luck.
We must never, ever allow Hillary and Bill Clinton to gain access to our White House. The mere idea of her as a candidate for president is of course absurd and very disturbing.
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Jay Carney Resigns As Press Secretary

Popham Wrote: May 31, 2014 2:15 PM
At long last, Jay Carney departs. Perhaps the Hillary Clinton remark: "What difference does it make..."? is very apt, because with Josh Earnest, nothing will change. We will still be subjected to the same drivel and lies from this administration as always. Nothing has changed, except for Josh replacing Jay. Big deal.
Poor old Chuck Todd. Indeed, many of the questions regarding Benghazi have been "asked and answered"; however, the huge caveat to that remark is that thus far, no one from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton or anyone in the administration has been held accountable. That, Mr. Todd, is where Trey Gowdy comes in. Accountability.
Gosh Mr. Boehner, why not do us all a big favor right now and resign. Then Trey Gowdy could become the true conserative speaker of the house.
It is alleged (just a rumor) that Obama was intoxicated and thus 'unable' to follow the events of the Benghazi terrorist attack. Irregardless.....we need a new president of the United States........ASAP.
OMG.....drivers licences to illegal immigrants in our Capitol? Truly, the world is upside down and the mayor of Washington is severely un-American.
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