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Darn it, from the article's headline, I thought it was going to be about welfare.
You wouldn't think ears that big could be made of tin.
You don't actually think that the gubenor or any other MA dimwit gives a rat's posterior about making the citizens safer. It is about control, nothing else.
Ron Paul is not the president, and never will be.
One correction. The electorate already has.
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

Pookiedr Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 5:59 PM
End it. The VA is a SNAFU that is FUBAR.
And we all know the good reverend has a great track record of non prejudicial treatment of the accused.
or at a minimum, he should have bombed them further back into the stone age, when he had the chance.
The Obumbler had the opportunity to "nip ISIS in the bud" many months ago before it metastasized into the genocidal force that it is today. Al Maliki begged him for drone/air strikes and he did nothing. So yes, the fault is on the big O.
At some point the parasite inevitably devours the host.
And the left calls the Israelis the evil ones
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