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* off or maybe on
Guy, You might be overlooking the Mississippi race. Ol' Thad, sure p issed of a lot of conservatives with his primary stunt. My guess is that many will sit this election out, because they feel that is the only way to rid themselves of this relic.
Well at least he is not blaming the Koch brothers.
Yeah man, "Give Peas a Chance"
Just trying to stay in the late 60's - early 70's theme, but the Onion works just as well.
Are you sure it was Rolling Stone and not Mad Magazine?
Still working, had to take a phone call.
So it was you, toying with her like a cat with a mouse. No fair, you get to have all the fun.
ah man, gone for 20 minutes and Zinny gets the boot again. So who did she threaten this time?
Then your comprehension need work. The question asked was about what pollee thought of the motivations of people who oppose his policies, not about the pollee own motivations.
Did you actually read the article?
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