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Nothing says religion of peace more than a beheading on Friday after mosque.
old, white, "progressive", career politicrats. Nah, that pretty much covers it.
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The Media and the Mob

Pookiedr Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 10:34 AM
Lars, I think you might be confusing adrenaline with estrogen. ;>))
More likely the DNC, just like they did to Tom Delay.
and your comment = worthless!
It appears that from the 25% unemployment among the black population, neither does the Obumbler.
I believe he was being sarcastic.
Yet another thing New Jersey has in common with Mexico.
Not saying that, just saying he is not the "good little boy" that he has been portrayed as in the media. Oh, and by the way he was on camera robbing a store and assaulting the clerk. There is more to the story than we have seen on the LSM.
Sorry Flamer, the officer that shot mike brown was black. http://www.esopinc.com/?_escaped_fragment_=board-members/crhc#!board-members/crhc
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