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Sadly, no more scared than I am now.
She will not get the 50% + 1 vote required to win in the primary, so there will be a run-off, which she will surely lose.
It says more about the chamber of commerce and it's supporters than it does about babyfat. Crony capitalism for all.
You would hope the Senate GOP would filibuster that attempt, but they want amnesty just as bad as the demoncRATS.
We are all Redskins fans now. Except when they play my Chiefs.
Though, Cleveland is pretty much on the same death spiral.
Just like the Clinton impeachment resulted in the election of alGore.
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Trey Gowdy Announces First Benghazi Hearing

Pookiedr Wrote: 7 hours ago (12:17 PM)
gw, Mr. Gowdy is on the house oversight committee, he is just no in charge of the IRS scandal.
I guess the 0 and fauxcahontus now can truthfully say, "you didn't build that"
I guess Ansar Al-Sharia leaders aren't big fans of Robert Frost, ya know that good fences/good neighbors thingy. Or maybe it was Shillary's State Dept. that couldn't maintain a good fence.
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