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The Stockholm syndrome is strong in this one.
Run, Rob, run. I encourage any and all moderates to throw their hat in the ring, so as to dilute the moderate vote that has controlled the GOP for far too long.
Same goes for me here in Illinois. Not sure how conservative McFadden is or how much funding the RNC provided, but here in Illinois, Oberweis is fairly conservative, and didn't get any real help from the RNC. Heck, even the rino Mark Kirk wouldn't campaign with Oberweis, which I view as an endorsement of Durbin and told him so at a fund raiser this year. I'm afraid the only way trickydicky durbin is removed from office is when he retires.
The problem is that "green" energy would not survive without the heavy subsidization by gubermints at all levels and the regulations that require the purchase of these sources at what ever the cost to the electric utilities.
Howard, your are correct, the problem is that you are among the members of the "elitist".
It's not they are out of ideas, its that their ideas are wrong for this country and even the LIV's are figuring it out.
I could say, great minds think alike, but I too am modest for that.
What does the number stand for? And btw, thank you for your service.
The best schadenfreude in the world would be for Rush, were he to win, to donate the cash, in a very public way, to conservative candidates next election cycle.
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