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A "Threat"? Really?

Pookiedr Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 10:51 AM
Bud, I'm suprised she didn't call you a racist, or would that a breach in school yard bullying etiquette, using the race card before the vast right wing conspiracy card.

Last night, after Bob Woodward's account of a "very senior person" at The White House who "threatened" him, I guessed that it was Valerie Jarrett, given her history of excoriating and bullying the President's critics.

Turns out I was wrong -- the person was Gene Sperling, who has, it seems, given Politico his email to Bob Woodward, upon which Woodward based his charge of being threatened.  Although I appreciate Woodward's all-too-rare willingness to state truths the Obama White House finds unpleasant, I've got to say that -- given the context -- it's hard to characterize what Sperling said to...