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Should the West believe Egypt's new president?

polmel Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 9:10 AM
The sodomizing of infidels must be declared taboo by Morsi. But the same rabble that shoved a stick up the a-ss of Gaddafi will be riding motorbikes in the Cairo night, carrying long sticks for the rectums of the godless.

Throughout America's history, there have been people who denied threats from our enemies. During the Revolutionary War, significant numbers sided with the British monarchy. Enablers in politics, the media and even religion helped Communism remain in power for seven decades in the Soviet Union. German Nazis had their U.S. apologists.

The presidential election in Egypt, won by the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi in a race where three-quarters of Egyptians voted for someone else, challenges contemporary deniers and enablers who refuse to acknowledge the threat advancing Islamism poses to Israel and the West. Enough Egyptians voted for Morsi to allow Islamists...