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Cry Wolf, Cry NATO?

polmel Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 3:03 PM
Medieval Muslim officers had a sharpened wooden tent peg dangling from their belts; it was believed that when it broke an infidel’s sphincter the evil one would forever obey Sharia Law. Islam is an art of submission, the use of the holy tent peg will again cause millions who are contaminated with pride to bow in reverence to the great one.
The sodomizing of infidels must be declared taboo by Morsi. But the same rabble that shoved a stick up the a-ss of Gaddafi will be riding motorbikes in the Cairo night, carrying long sticks for the rectums of the godless.
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Has the Day of the Islamist Arrived?

polmel Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 5:16 PM
Massive trials will soon begin in Egypt; thousands of collaborators will be tried for crimes against the people. Military officers will be stripped of rank and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor. Once powerful families will lose their homes and be forced to pick cotton in the Nile Delta. Supporters of Shafiq will be banished to an existence under a blazing Sinai sky.
There has been a lot of focus on the eight youngsters that were sexually abused by Sandusky, but thousands of young workers have also been sexually abused. As an elevator operator in a large office building I noticed my passengers were only between the ages of 18-25. My inquiry’s disclosed that men and women were hired at 18 and then discharged at 25, many confessed to being sodomized. After reaching 25 I was fired because I no longer had a youthful appearance. This obscene practice is taking place in all work places where the only employees are between the ages of eighteen and twenty five.
Money buys sex out of and in prison. Sandusky will be sodomizing dozens of young inmates who are invited to his cell including the guys assigned to the suicide watch. He will never commit suicide.
Mestizo is the proper usage, not Latnino nor Hispanic. Mestizo is 80% Indian, 10% Negro,10% Spanish- European. Mestizo will become the dominate US inhabitant in a few decades.
Instead of curbing the breeders that cannot afford to be feeders the president is encouraging their expansion. In a few decades the nation will look like Calcutta while the president will live in the Taj.
My fat and ugly lady friends were not hired because the bosses chose young pretty gals. They survived by getting knocked up in bar room toilets and then applied for welfare. Ninety percent of welfare mothers started as fat and ugly loners.
Tubes will be tied when millions of mothers abandon their costly children after welfare payments are stopped. Fifty thousand private contractors will be hired to tie the tubes of the unemployed mothers.
Mothers that nourish their own children are angry at those that breed and cannot feed. Free loading breeders will stop getting welfare checks, dropping the babies on a neighbor’s doorstep will result in them getting their tubes tied.
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