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Not Enough Dead Jews

Polly1 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 12:14 PM
Sadly, even though Republicans control the House of Representatives, it does take two to tango when passing legislation. The Democrat-controlled Senate has refused to even consider any budget or jobs legislation sent to it by the House. They were eager to call the Republicans "do-nothing obstructionists." It appears it's working, at least for you, Godorn. Why don't you write a letter to your SENATOR urging him or her to demand that House budgets and legislation at least be brought to the floor for consideration. Unfortunately, Harry Reid seems to be pure obstructionist, so it's unlikely any House proposals will ever see the light of day.

In the aftermath of Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas terrorists, it seems that the Jewish state’s greatest failing was that it did not suffer enough casualties to satisfy its critics. And so, once again, the world is railing against “Israeli aggression” and casting its sympathies with those who seek to slaughter its civilians, and this despite the outrageous statements of the Islamic radicals hell-bent on destroying Israel.

On Thursday, November 23rd, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said, “Israel screamed with pain from what the resistance did to it. I thank everyone who provided us with arms and money, especially...