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Obama Ramps Up America's Destruction

Polly1 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 11:38 AM
Face it, too many people pay NO attention to the nitty gritty of government. The blacks are just so darned proud that a black (even a half-black) is now president that they can see no evil. And there are whites with the same mindset Obama has; of course they approve of his performance. He may never go below 40%, but the 60% who disapprove REALLY disapprove. Unfortunately, the ones who approve are the ones who would riot if 0 were impeached. So 0 has 2 1/2 more years to finish "transforming" America. Wanna bet he can't do it--completely?
If your goal is to create chaos in America, what better way than to release reinforcements for the poor Taliban and al Qaeda, whose leaders have been so callously murdered-by-drone? Maybe this is just 0's way of apologizing to the terrorists for what the dastardly military has done?
What, and lose the free trips on Air Force One??? The fancy digs??? All the golf he can play, all the multi-million-dollar vacations his sweet wife and all her friends and family can take? You must be kidding!
From the liar who "might have exaggerated" a few facts about his fellow servicemen serving in Vietnam when testifying about their atrocities before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 1971.
Does it limit the number of times that information can be used to blackmail another politician into doing your bidding? The Rs are at a disadvantage in this respect; first, they actually have a belief system that differentiates between right and wrong, and second, they still think the winners are the ones who don't get nasty. The Ds have the advantage in both of those cases, and will happily make use of EVERY embarrassing fact they find.
He will NOT have failed. He promised to transform American; mission accomplished.
Such a noble cause! THEY can help Obama Save the Planet!! I have a feeling this is not what they volunteered for.
It's always the same. First, outrage and a promise to get to the bottom of it and hold someone accountable. Then... time passes. Then it's old news, just another Republican false scandal, damn those Republicans for being so racist that they'll do ANYTHING to bring down this president. So far, it seems to be working, with the help of a compliant media. Think maybe even the media might feel some shame about this one? Ah well, you never know.
If he's had "the fear of God" drummed into him, perhaps he'll lean a bit more to the right. That in itself would be a victory.
I agree. I'd say that for some of them it's "dragged kicking and screaming" to the right, but they ARE moving. It is unfortunate that the Democrats are working to help the more extreme TEA Party candidates, but the newly-conservative incumbents are still a better bet than their always-liberal Democrat opponents.
Are you implying that gay marriage relates in any way to the fact that 70% of black children are born out-of-wedlock?? There's at least a good chance that their fathers are NOT gay. Irresponsible, yes. But not gay.
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