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Or to seriously please Native Americans, they could rename the team "The American Redskins."
Oh yeah? What are we in Indiana supposed to do??!
After Prohibition was enacted, alcohol did to our country what drugs are doing now. Yes, legal alcohol causes problems, but they're not nearly as severe as the problems caused by making alcohol illegal. I've heard from young people that drugs are now easier to get than alcohol is. Once drugs were legal, there could be some adult supervision. Most importantly, the incredible profits would be eliminated--causing serious unemployment in the drug trafficking business, as well as hampering the financial ability of gangs to recruit and grow.
It also doesn't hurt that there's a steady drumbeat that it's wrong to call people who break the law to come into America "illegals." The sooner we can legitimize all illegals, the sooner the Dems can get to building their voting base. I wish they'd start saying it's wrong to call those who violate our speed limits "violators," and worse, giving us tickets that we're expected to pay. With our OWN money. That's just wrong! (Think the next cop who stops me will buy that? Think I might speed even more if he did?)
Or maybe he might blame a few things on "a few bone-headed decisions" by low-level employees somewhere in Ohio.
That's obviously true, Roadkill. Despite the raging of the Democrats that America is an evil, unfair country, there is no where else for anyone wanting freedom and plenty to go. And before long, there will be no where, period, where anyone can find liberty like there once was in America.
And especially "for the children," no one can be allowed into the squalid holding centers, where these frightened children are stacked like sardines. No one can talk to the children, no one can photograph the facilities, no one can talk to those who are caring for these children, and no audio recordings, please. Since when did the Democrats, working hard for the children, NOT parade these poor urchins before the cameras, telling their wrenching stories and demanding that the hard-hearted Republicans show them some mercy? The situation must be more horrible than we can even imagine; what ARE they hiding?
"Georgia Rep. John Lewis recently said that, 'If the Civil Rights Act was before the Congress today, it would not pass, it would probably never make it to the floor for a vote.'" You have to admit, Rep. Lewis knows Harry Reid very well. If such an act were to make it to the floor, what if Republicans voted FOR it unanimously??? Could lead blacks and other minorities to question whether the Rs are inveterate racists; CANNOT have that. In fact any mention of the Civil Rights Act should be avoided, lest someone accidentally acknowledge that the Act would never have passed without Republican support due to all the Democrats who voted AGAINST it. How quickly the country has forgotten that the Democrats have always been the party of racism, from Jim Crow to the KKK. Ah well, what can one say, the Ds are excellent propagandists.
It just seems so counterintuitive, doesn't it, that more guns would equal less crime; it's no wonder Mr. Koppel was shocked--SHOCKED--at the ignorance of the Kennesaw city council. And I'm sure he was full of accolades for the Morton Grove move. I haven't seen Ted for a while. Is he undergoing some sort of psychiatric treatment because he can't reconcile all these facts?
How very sad! Mr. Morici won't share the stage with the brilliant Paul Krugman, expert in all things economic?? How will Peter go on? (By the way, there is no "Nobel Prize in Economics." Look it up.)
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NYC Liberals Hate Helping Poor People

Polly1 Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 10:02 AM
Oh come on, folks. Obviously these 26 council members will increase their donations to the charities who will lose WalMart's donations, and enough that the charities will be "made whole." Liberals lo-o-o-ove the poor. It's why they keep creating more of them.
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