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Except James Foley's execution--which I did NOT watch but have heard about--was allegedly NOT quick, despite his posture. Terrorists don't want clean and pretty, they want scary, and not for just the one beheaded but also for all who see it (or, as in my case, think about it, envision it, and recoil at the thought). But I've just read that the beheaders have been ordered NOT to put the act on the internet, lest the softer jihadist-wannabes be turned off at the barbarity. So might we now see the beheader himself beheaded?
And we'll all have exactly the same amount of effect as Sotloff's mother had: ZERO. In fact I'm sure that if the Islamists heard her plea they just thought she was weak. Period. (Think of all the Muslim mothers who are proud of their suicide-bomber sons.) And Obama cares as much about what we think and what we want as the terrorists care about Sotloff's mother's hopes: ZERO--or less. (Yes, there is a number less than zero; it's minus any number, as in, "On a scale from 1 to 10, Obama cares about us - 5".)
Just enough of one to get him reelected in '12. After that, "What... difference does it make?"
Try not to think about that, David. The politicians prefer that you just hate big business, leaving the pols free to treat businesses any way they wish to treat them, punish this one, reward that one. (It's similar to your hating the TEA Party, allowing Lois Lerner free rein to harass them at will.) If enough people actually THINK about it, the pols are dead in the water.
I'm sure Valerie Jarrett would be happy continue advising Joe, as would George Soros. He'd be fine. (We could all pray that he develops an addiction to golf, though that hasn't improved Barack's performance.)
Well, the system IS rigged. But it's rigged in favor of the politicians and anyone or anything that can help them keep their (nonproductive and often DEStructive) jobs.
Tell it to the voters!! Who are they gonna believe, the shouting Democrats (working hard for the "middle class" and against the 1%) or their own lyin' eyes?
Ah, except Joe's position doesn't require prosperity to exist. That's the nifty thing about politicians; as long as there are people paying taxes, the politicians can raise their own salaries and they WILL be paid. Their motto, "Prosperity? We don't need no stinkin' prosperity!" Ever heard of a politician in ANY country NOT being paid, just because the country is in bankruptcy? I dunno, I haven't.
Can't it be both?
Still, should saggy britches really be a capital offense?
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