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That in itself is enough to make one hope that global warming IS real and IS unstoppable! Perhaps California will be like New Orleans, where people unaccustomed to caring for themselves sat and waited for help from SOMEBODY.
If by "improve this nation" you mean "turn everything over to the government and the nameless, faceless, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats it hires, then yes, conservatives have tried to slow it down (though it's obvious that they've never really tried to stop it). Other countries are attempting to return some government functions to the private sector, where doing a poor job = going out of business (absolutely NOT the result when government does it poorly). The bigger government gets, the more corrupt it becomes; it's the natural progression. With trillions of taxpayer dollars to play with, no one in government cares a fig about efficiency or keeping costs down. Unfortunately, doctors are unwilling to become unpaid slaves. Maybe in a few years, that will change. We can only hope.
If I'm remembering correctly, the law Obama & His Minions passed merely got rid of the statute of limitations on bringing such a suit. Now someone who doesn't notice the offense until many years, or even decades, later may still bring that lawsuit and make life hell for his/her ex-employer. It fits nicely into Obama's plan for America.
Correct. Unless "the media" is used to refer to a single, monolithic entity, with a single, unifying thought or principle... which, in general, it IS.
It is apparent that tg has never been around an e-cigarette. I'd like to believe that no one on the Greeley city council has, either, since that would make them all TOTAL IDIOTS. I can see taxing e-cigarettes; what politician doesn't love a tax, especially on anything addictive? But banning them? Where is their common sense??
It's not secret, it's not new, progressives ARE dictators at heart. Yes, you are free to do as you wish, so long as what you wish to do is what the progressive knows you SHOULD do. If it is not, then you are an extremist, anti-science, greedy person; you must be reprogrammed!
That's true. We almost forget that the '60s protesters targeted cops, even more than they targeted returning military.
No one's asking the government to build the pipeline. They're only asking that the government get out of the way of private companies.
Farmers and ranchers and "water scientists" oppose the Pipeline? Where are you getting your "facts"?
But thus far Obama has gotten away with NOT vetoing the Pipeline, since Harry Reid has always vetoed it for him. Let's see him put his name on "NO" to the pipeline that well over half of Americans support. How low CAN his approval rating go? Let's find out.
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