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I'm absolutely certain that you would have cheered G. W. Bush if he had done anything similar to what Obama has done, which is how we know that YOU stand on principle and do not care what color our president is, as long as he is doing the right thing. Yep, I'm absolutely certain.
The Republicans had NO power for 0's first two years, minimal power after that. Any legislation sent from the Republican-led House to the Senate was simply tabled by Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid. No debate, no vote, just slip it into a drawer and accuse the Rs of being do-nothings. Now that they have control of both houses of Congress (well, beginning in January, which is why 0 was in such a hurry to make this splash) they can craft something sensible and the only way it can be stopped is by Democrat filibuster. But at least it will see the light of day and the Democrats will have to openly oppose it. You are either a paid troll or you have no knowledge of our federal government. Or maybe both.
Darby, there's no one on our side that's forceful and articulate enough to explain to Americans WHY 0 must be impeached. Therefore, any effort to impeach him, though it may well succeed, will look wishy-washy and half-hearted, NOT like a principled effort to preserve our system of government and even our way of life! And Obama knows it. In my opinion, he will try to force the Republicans to try impeachment, just to rally his base. The expected uprisings in every city will be just a side benefit. This president does NOT want to unite Americans and DOES want to bring America down from top of the heap to somewhere in the middle, at best. Impeachment and no conviction can only help his cause. Check out Bill Clinton's fate, after he was impeached and not convicted. He's the darling of the Democrats. I doubt 0 can reach quite the heights Clinton has reached (after all, he hasn't--as far as we know--groped any supporters or had "not-sex" in the Oval Office) but he will not suffer in the least if he is impeached. But WE will.
Certainly. The moment the House decides it wants to unite half of America behind this rogue president, it should impeach him. Then, as the riots erupt all over America, the Senate can fail to convict the president, completing the job of demonizing the racist Republican party and raising the Democrat party to "the party of tolerance and love"--and cementing the next election for the Ds. Good idea!
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Big GOP Win a Rebuke of The President

Polly1 Wrote: Nov 08, 2014 7:36 PM
Yep. Roberts said that it's not the Court's job to correct the mistakes of the voters. He has now seen the voters' apparent intent, so he should be comfortable interpreting the law AS WRITTEN. My understanding is that the provision that only the states' exchanges would be eligible for subsidies was the Democrats' attempt to force the states to set up their own exchanges. Oops. But hold 'em to it, Chief Justice Roberts; maybe next time they'll think twice before they try to force their will on the states. Meanwhile, Republicans, develop an alternative! Something that is market-based and has a chance of working.
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So It Was About Obama After All

Polly1 Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 12:46 PM
Sigh. I appreciate your feelings regarding 0, but impeachment really isn't an option. It takes too long, it would cost Republicans in 2016, it could cause mass race riots (really not a good thing for anyone, but the Ds would ramp them up as quickly as possible), and there aren't enough Republicans in the Senate to convict Obama even if the House did impeach him. There are plenty of other ways to turn back 0's agenda and that's where the Republicans need to go on day 1--and stay till 2016.
Funny, when Ebola was in the news, they lied to us so that we wouldn't panic. But for global warming/climate change/climate chaos/global climate disruption, they're more than angry that we AREN'T panicking. My head swims.
But consider all the jobs created in building & maintaining those solar arrays, in clearing the land upon which they stand, in manufacturing & distributing/applying whatever chemicals are required to keep it pristine, and in laying the lines to transport the power to wherever it is needed. Sure, one coal-fired, natural gas, or nuclear plant could have done the job more cheaply, in a more esthetically pleasing manner that would fry fewer of our flying friends, and with less pollution, but solar is just so... CLEAN & RENEWABLE.
Before the election I heard of polls that found Global Warming/Climate Change/etc. to be one of the very last things Americans were concerned about. I'd say the word is out to a majority of Americans; now if we could just convince the politicians.... Say, do you suppose Ben might consider this very election confirmation of America's view of this hoax? Or is that exactly what he's complaining about, all of the voters' stupidity?
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If They Can’t Win Now, Then When?

Polly1 Wrote: Nov 01, 2014 7:53 PM
You sound like someone just itchin' for a visit from by IRS.
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