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Who is "them" ... what proportion? Where do Muslims live in the US? Show me a map? How many are unnoticed? How many want to blend for the sole reason that they are doing well and love the opportunity given in the U.S.? C'mon ... before you spout off ... do some work ... and quit relying on headlines.
#1 ... because I write somewhat of a contrarian view ... you assume I'm a lib. Immediately, reflexively. Look up my posts. Just click on my name. OK. You libs? Accusatory. So, if I disagree with anyone who is mainstream here, I'm a lib. As in .... YOU LIBS. Even a low level logician can point out that you are making assumptions .... because ... you come here to battle ... right? Let's track your logic. You next assume I am an advocate of multiculturalism, right? Admit it. Find ... one thing I wrote ... advocating YOUR idea of multiculturalism. OK? At least show me the respect to quote me on that, OK? Geez. I'd hate to go hunting with you ... first thing that moves you shoot .... *lol*
And ... by the way ... nice dodge. YOU advocate expulsion .... but ran away ... from answering the questions. Tell us how it will work. That is not insult ... that is not name calling ... that is not disrespect .... By the way, my response was a logical follow up question ... to your simplistic solution. Expulsion? How? When? What procedures? When someone recommends a solution, the person should be mature enough to have "thought it through" and have the details at their fingertips. I anxiously await to see your response published in a credible conservative outlet .... National Review, I'd suggest. Or similar thoughtful and credible conservative outlets .... Ball in your court! C'mon. Back up what you advocate ... take it public ... and see where it goes. Have a great weekend. And God bless.
The same method that has always worked in the US ... acculturation. Are you against that? Are you so historically uninformed that the words you speak ... were once applied by people of your ilk ... to Jews, Poles, Russians, Hungarians, Slavs, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italians ... to name just a few. Look up the stories told about them .... Do you remember ... have you seen the propaganda from those days? Yes, there are Muslims who are beneath contempt ... but your words ... over generalize ... like your predecessors ... once overgeneralized other religions and nationalities. Do remember ... Catholics were to be distrusted because they owed allegiance to the Pope ... Jews were Christ killers (thank God for Vatican II) and on and on and on .... You are gripped by the same hysteria that gripped others in our history. And, anyone who takes a good logic course or course in writing ... knows that your ploy ... insulting the masculinity ... comes right from the unsupervised playground of 3rd graders .... More should be expected of you ... you could not discuss like an adult ... .but had to revert to playground tactics of insult .... So be it ... gather up your 5-8% of the American public ... start a campaign of elimination and expulsion .... and see how far you go. OK?
Awaiting your solution. Do the good folks go? Or do you apply the most popular generalization in this and other threads? Are you Muslim? If so, be gone. Anxiously awaiting to read your response.
Oh, by the way, there are some "special" categories you may want to consider. Those Muslims (and their offspring) who were granted entry to the US (some of whom became citizens) because, while Muslim, they detested the regime established in Iran in 1978-79. Do they go? How about those who escaped from persecution in Syria and Iraq? Still practicing the faith but otherwise loyal Americans? Muslims from Africa who detest the regimes? Lebanese? South Asians? Are they out too?
So ... to be clear ... you want expulsion of anyone professing the Muslim faith from the U.S.? Is that correct? Does this include US citizens who are Muslim? Or is that negotiable in your plan? If so, how do you propose to verify a "good" Muslim from a "questionable" one? What kind of process do you recommend to identify, locate, confine, and then deport? What is extant law on that? Is due process to be accorded for U.S. citizens? Would you suggest amending the "free exercise" clause of the 1st Amendment to exclude Muslims? Otherwise, how do you step around that hurdle? Is there a blue print that might be used? The Japanese in WWII perhaps?
Show us the Obama quote you posted in its entirety. The whole statement and its context. Provide a source ... preferably from a public transcript. Not an interpretation ... a verifiable source.
I think they are facts and I respect those facts. What do YOU think of the "Jungle Fever" comment and the generalizations about the entire black electorate?
Are you referring to every voter who cast a ballot for a member of the CBC? And do please clarify your "Jungle Fever" comment.
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