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That typically happens in the party primaries and caucuses. Depends upon who turns out.
Come on. Get real. Shoved down your throat? Gimme a break. By whom? As I wrote earlier, if Jeb wins ... he wins according to the rules established by the Republican Party and ... with respect to finance ... the U.S. Supreme Court .... Scalia reigns there ... money is speech. Open market ... do you disagree with that?
What years did you ... Monstermash ... serve as governor of Florida? Or for that matter any other state? Sheesh. You have a right to speak about anything ... but ... dear GIH ... you comment on looks ... call names? You push that right to the limit ... but ... hey ... this is America.
Nice of you to pass judgment on the Bush family. This is all your opinion. And yet we were taught to "judge not" ... and you judge ... in almost every post ... you judge. Hubris?
What do you mean by shadow government? There are registered voters eligible to participate in Republican primaries and caucuses. Right? Rank and file Republicans, the base have a choice. As you know, it begins in Iowa, proceeds to New Hampshire ... and the firewall state for conservatives is South Carolina ... right? If Jeb wins those, what say you? As for money, Republicans champion recent Supreme Court decisions that rule that money ... in whatever amounts ... is free speech .... so .. there is an open "money market" for candidates, Is that correct? Or would you lobby for regulating money? Yes or no? That is the game ... winning primaries and caucuses ... and those are the rules set by the Supreme Court (finance) ... and the National Republican Party (Priebus) . If you have a gripe ... take it up with them. You seem to suggest if the "wrong kind" of Republican wins, the game is fixed. Do explain that. Are you one of those who advocates "democracy" as long as you candidate or your preferences win? Have a wonderful evening. If Jeb wins, he won duly according to the rules. If he loses, he lost according to the rules. Unless you have a theory of conspiracy about conservatives ... right? Think about it.
A wonderful non-answer answer!
I enjoy you as well. My point is this. If talent is equally distributed among men and women ... and if talent is equally distributed within a constituency where men and women are equal .... why does that disparity exist? The laws of probability would suggest otherwise, no?
Check the Democratic vote totals in any presidential election you want. Close to 1/2 of Democratic voters are malcontents? C'mon. Do you know how many citizens you label with that statement?
Broad based outreach? Like reaching out to women, who constitute a majority of the adult population ... who turnout in greater percentages than men? When the new House of Representatives convenes in January, there will be 83 women ... 62 Dems, 21 Reps. Why? That difference first appeared in the late 1980s and has grown since then. Women will be 1/3 of the Democrats in the next U.S. House and less than 9% of Republicans. Check out the numbers yourself. Do you really consider recruiting and supporting women a matter of "diversity garbage?"
So, Carlos, let us continue the dialogue ... Point #2: Which schools? All? Some? Parochial? Private? Public? You make an over-the-top generalization with absolutely no justification. Point #4: So Conservatism is about faith. What if a person is conservative but Jewish? Conservative but agnostic? Would you eliminate their votes and their voice? By the way, there are a lot of people (numbering in millions) who share a belief in Christ and Christianity but vote Democratic. Would you cast them into the "fires of hell?" Point blank ... does your vision of the Father and Son have them wearing "Vote Conservative" buttons? Just wondering.
So ... just to get this straight ... are some of you calling for a full scale war? If so, say it. Going to do it on the cheap? Or is it ... as in WWII ... total social mobilization? If the volunteers don't get us to the troop levels we need? A draft? A lottery? How long is the "hitch" ... a year plus a day and then rotate out? Are you advocating a full war footing? If so, are you prepared for wage and price controls (a la WWII)? Everyone says it will be a "long war" ... .how long? How do you demonstrate progress? Some interesting questions, no? Hope y'all had a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend.
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