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Pitching Texas in Bookland

PoliticalHistorian Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 9:00 PM
You have a problem with Greg Abbot? State it here.
So ...clarify your statement. The Pope has something to do with immigration into the US? Evidence. You made the claim. Not Papal sympathy, no general pronouncements ... evidence. Here. Display it, post it, reference it.
Socialism? Come on. That dog don't hunt no more. No with respect to the Pope.
He is the heir of Peter ... upon this rock I will build my church. Get it?
Data? Produce the data.
Why? Is he lying? Concealing facts? Not agreeing with your predispositions? I found the perspective interesting and informative. How many here serve in the capacity that he does? How many have specific information that contradicts his narrative?
Nice job of name calling. Otherwise, a vapid post.
Very good. Call someone a name to make your point. Bravo! Really really substantive.
OK,. We've got an advocate for using neutron bombs. Wonderful.
Do please clarify. Are you alleging that Obama committed academic fraud? Please supply evidence. Thanks. A pleasant evening to you.
Favoring voter ID is one thing. Fine. It is an issue of public policy on the agenda. Using derisive language and perpetuating stereotypes is another. Folks here complain when over-generalizations and stereotypes are directed at them yet fall into the same trap as their political opponents. Another reason why "anonymity" is a problem on a board such as this. For some, anonymity=no accountability.
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