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A little off message there, no? Kinda random. So be it.
Your evidence? There are scads of spreadsheets, data, histories, journal articles ... memoirs of Republican operatives, memoirs of Democratic operatives ... what do they say about independents? Do you know? Against all that, we should accept your assertion without evidence? .
Incidentally, you know nothing about the vicious .... on both sides ... history of labor .... and its organization. Where do you fall on the coal miners' strikes? Mow 'em down as they did? C'mon.
See, when you advocate unions should be abolished, you are taking a position that government has the power to regulate the workplace, no? That government can prevent the organization of groups. That government can intervene and tell workers they cannot form an advocacy organization. Is that your argument, yes ... no ... maybe? Geez. Limited government unless you want big government to intervene because you don't like the group. Nice consistency there.
How, under the constitution and federal law, do you propose "abolishing" unions? The mere statement ... .makes you an authoritarian, big gummint guy, no? Do workers have the right to organize, bargain, and strike, if necessary? Yes or no?
Let us add Michael Steele to the mix. That is a story, in and of itself.
Dee Dee Myers. Mary Matlin. And so many more. You will cheer the next victor in your party ... and then cast them aside.
Vicious treatment of Rove. It is really funny. He was your prince at one time. In terms of rhetoric, no different than the other party. No different. I can track this back for decades. Elevate the wunderkind ... and then throw him or her under the bus. That is politics. Lou Harris. Murray Chotiner. Ham Jordan. Mike Deaver. James Carville. Rove. Emmanuel. Use 'em and kick 'em aside. Forget what happened. Yet, American politics writ large.
See my post below Carlos. You are accusing a lot of veterans and their families of despising America. How do you reconcile military service and patriotism with that? Hmmmmmm?
Exactly what was said in the 1890s through today. Check out how many kids from union families fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I, Afghanistan, Iraq II ..... check out how many WWII vets, Korea vets, and Vietnam vets (for starters) .... later became union folks and leaders. Go to the families of those who served, go to the families of the dead and wounded and tell them .... face to face ... and tell them they are families of traitors. Go for it.
So, are you saying the Republicans do not do their own internal polling? Tracking polls? Do you expect the Republicans to come out and say "we did our own poll?" Sheesh. Politics 101.
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