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Yeah, right. Look at the acceptance rate of the top 20 universities in the nation. Most are STEM .... You are going to tell the parents of a STEM student to boycott what the family has worked for ... what the student has busted "butt" for ... because .....? Back to the drawing board, I humbly suggest.
Thanks. Politics is politics. One factor I thought you might mention for Nixon-Ford-Reagan-Bush I-Bush II ... despite their conservatism (though some here would say all but Reagan are not TRUE conservatives) is that in the scheme of things ... when serving as president .... it is peanuts. Why spend political capital on this? Right. Bigger and better issues to tackle .... is what I would add. Enjoy your evening. Thanks for the civil response.
If it is an executive order, any president since JFK could override it ... according to your point .... and the use of the word "rescind." Why was it not done by LBJ or Nixon or Ford or Carter or Reagan or Bush I or Clinton or Bush II or Obama? They vary quite widely in ideology. We're talking November 1963 to September 2014 and ... 9 presidents. Why? Your thoughts?
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How We Told Our Kids About Sex

PoliticalHistorian Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 7:07 PM
karpe diem was not intolerant.
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Is Your Food Conservative?

PoliticalHistorian Wrote: Aug 31, 2014 8:12 PM
Yep, very slow news day and weekend (laughing). Yet, some take this stuff seriously? What next? A person who votes Republican packed the books at Amazon? A Democrat working on the assembly line attached the door to my new car? The check out clerk at the local grocery voted Libertarian in the last election? The server at a local "mom and pop" breakfast place harbors "socialist" tendencies? What if all of them attended church? And celebrated Mother's Day? Ohhhhhhhh, the complications! Enjoy the holiday everyone ... even though it is "tinged" with socialist tendencies!
The Declaration of Independence was not written anonymously ... Neither was the Constitution ... Nor the Bill of Rights ... Gettysburg address ... Free expression has costs and benefits ...
I'm David Smith (wink). You didn't think it would be unilateral, did you? My idea is like ... when you post you are linked to your id on facebook or other social media. It calms folks down Enjoy the Labor Day weekend ... God bless.
Ever notice the internecine disagreements are the worst at TH? Posters calling each other names ... posters calling candidates and officeholders names? Is this public dialogue in 2014? Or is it the mask of anonymity? I think the latter. Circulate a petition to TH .... eliminate anonymity on the board.
So ... you don't like electoral democracy?
All Muslims? The ones who go to work, raise their children .... and love America? The ones who know more about American history and its wonderful traditions than others? The ones who signed up for the military? I think you overgeneralize and fit all Muslims into one box.
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