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I'll quote you on standards. Not mine ... it is called ... civility. But never mind. Good evening to you.
A non-answer answer. Nice dodge. And you made my point! Thank you, thom. You called a name rather than address the issue. (Chalks up ... thom ... as a case in point). Have a good evening. God bless.
And you know this how? Facts? You are lagging behind news reports. And you were disingenuous ... for putting that into quotes. If that is a direct quote ... do supply the source .... the standard is this ... if you use a direct quote ... it is "on you" to supply the source and the URL path so that everyone can see that your are quoting accurately. Get it?
Nope ... you missed the point ...
So worse is your standard ... I criticize both sides .... And guess what Duke? ... the two sides are equivalent ... they both respond the same way .... name calling ... exaggeration ...
Failure to engage!!!! (sirens go off). Address the point.
For those of you who completed a basic STAT 101 course. Null Hypothesis (HO): People stay reasonable regardless of the circumstances surrounding a discussion, even if guaranteed anonymity. Alternative Hypothesis (H1): People get extreme ... engage name calling and offer exaggerated, "over the top" comments lacking in logic and fact when they are guaranteed anonymity Evidence: This thread. Conclusion: Reject HO (the null hypothesis). Emotionalism and exaggeration reigns (H1).
I'm skeptical. But which of you who have have commented have actually read the indictment and followed up? Raise your hands.
C'mon Darby ... much as I respect you ... a mere two weeks ago ... you were excommunicating people from the Catholic church ... you do remember? No?
Got some data on that? (laughing) Here's the dominant logic --- Polls gets reported here ... agrees with an individual's politics ... people are smart Poll gets reported here ... disagrees with an individual's politics ... people are dumb Happens time and time again. I'm with Federal Farmer on this issue. The Republic was not established to be a poll driven society ...
Nice of you to comment on your vast knowledge of millions of people. Geez.
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