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Please supply a breakdown, in terms of % of the population, that fall into each of your categories. That would be original. Along the same lines, why don't you give credit where credit is due? There are numerous sites with many of your categories. Here is one: http://www.thewestsidechurch.us/images/Sermons%201/faces_of_unbelief.htm
Wow ... Chamber of Commerce ... the job creators? Karl Rove ... .who was applauded when W beat Ann Richards ... when W won the presidency ... when the Reps gained seats in 2002 ... when W was reelected? And the Bush family .... from Prescott on? Bush I ... hero ... chair of the RNC, emissary to China, Director of the CIA, VP, and then President? Geez, you turn on people very quickly.
annfan_777 Wrote: 14 hours ago (3:47 AM) There is no question that Democrats hate America. ------------------------ Let's see. Including the ones that served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Afghanistan? How about the first responders who happen to be Democrats -- police, fire, emergency medical? I would to see you before a gathering of vets and first responders --- let you behold the variety of people and backgrounds .... and then have you announce .... Those of you who are democrats ... well, annfan_777 is here to tell you .. you hate America. Priceless. What do propose? Expulsion? That is in the air here.
An example of your ideas: " In response to: Islam Is A Religion of Peace AND a Religion of DECAPITATIONS MudontheTires Wrote: 33 mins ago (8:56 PM) "Well, goats and sheep are rather more attractive than most Muslim women I have met." ==== Wonderful ... you speak of goats and sheep. Bravo. Great idea!
Animals? Which ones? "Fire with fire" ... good idea ... but where would use the fire? Everywhere? Selectively? You made the point ... now develop it ... so folks can assess how good your idea is. Fair enough?
OK ... you organize the posse ... make your case ... ball in your court ... good luck
You have this habit of personal attack ... do you enjoy it? If someone disagrees with you, do you automatically attack them ... is it a visceral response or just me ... an anon person (like you)? I think it is not just me ... know why? Because one can click on your name and see personal attacks throughout your posting history here. You like to attack people for the sole reason they disagree with you? C'mon .. admit it (laugh). You can't escape your past ... your record is abundantly clear here.
Not about poll results. Do you want this country to run on the basis of poll results? Or do you just cite them when they are in your favor? C'mon. Talk about this more. Should this country be run on the basis of poll results? Yes? No? Maybe?
OK ... how many Muslims live in the US ... as citizens? How many have broken the law? How many live as law abiding citizens? If you don't know those numbers, why should someone place credibility in your assertion?
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