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Simply amazing. This is among the most vicious threads in the history of TH. In the name of religion. Christians condemning fellow Christians left and right. Sad. Very sad.
Now, back to substance. Folks here overgeneralize ... all Libs ... all Progs ... all Dems ... Why not some? Or the phrase ... the "tendency among some" That is measured. Instead, we get global ... absolute ... incontrovertible assertions .... That is the first thing that should be unlearned .... with education .... A Stat 101 course teaches that .... so does distribution theory .... I equally condemn Dems who do that ...
Forgive the typos ... the message is clear. Disagreement with respect ... respect with admiration. OK?
Not all Democrats, to be sure. You must admit that exaggeration has taken over political dialogue in our time. I am an equal opportunity critic and I annoy everyone ... that is my job (if you remember Dragnet) Federal Farmer ... you are among the most measured and thoughtful folks here. You have your opinions but your justify them and seldom ... if ever ... engage in the playground activity of calling names. And you know stuff (smile). You read beyond the "screamers." I nominate you for citizen of the year here .... it strikes me that you understand discourse and debate and do it fairly. The key question ... when your barbeque ... are you gas or charcoal? I am unreconstructed charcoal. If my respect for you causes problems, feel free to attack and disassociate (that is what Dems and Repss .... used to say to one another ... with one another). A much more civil time. The best to you and your loved ones.
And, of the 435 districts, there are some where the "shoe is on the other foot." That will vote reflexively for an R next to a name.
I agree he is big business. Big government?
Actually, the governor in the Texas Constitution does not have much authority (compared to other states). Check it out. The Lt. Governor actually has more day-to-day authority when the legislature is in session.
Can Perry and Cruz be on the same ticket? Both Texans.
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The Armpit of Academia

PoliticalHistorian Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 5:24 PM
They are legally adults. The law is the law. They can vote, they can enlist in the service and fight abroad. Also, the Buckley Amendment, named after James Buckley who was elected as a Conservative to the US Senate, is in force. That is, university officials and profs and TAs cannot divulge information about their academic performance or schedules to parents unless the student signs a waver. Yep, it is the law. Buckley justified it on the grounds of adult privacy.
What is with that Motel 6 ad? It covers up what folks want to read. Geez. What is the story with this web site?
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