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(laughs heartily) You forgot to mention COUP ... you do remember that? Advocating the overthrow of a duly elected government. You do remember that?
Miscreant is extreme. As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter ... "there you go again." You want to deport. OK. Find a candidate who will say that ... and follow through. Be a purist. Jeb might not win ... but miscreant? Seriously? Of course, you like to call names and insult folks. That is your right (read that carefully) and your style. How are things progressing on your treason-execution-get-rid-of-progressives plan? Got any presidential contenders to sign on yet?
Said the same thing about FDR ... and JFK.
Get neo-con correct here please. The term originated during the Reagan Era ... the original neo-cons were FDR and more Truman Democrats. Supported the domestic side and were staunch "cold warriors" (for which deserve credit). They left the Democratic Party over Cold War policies and Vietnam ... they left in droves with McGovern. Folks forget how those prominent neo-cons, by their writing and speaking, help to spur the Reagan Democrats among voters ... blue-collars with whom Reagan's message resonated and they provided a signal that it was OK to vote Reagan. They advocated a "big tent" Republican Party and were successful in 3 consecutive presidential elections. They should not be dissed as some (certainly not all) do here. Do remember Fred Barnes, Mort Kondrake and Charles Krauthammer first earned notice as writers for the New Republic. Check it out.
Black history is American history.
G'night folks. Put your heads together and decide .... which of you "owns" Christianity .... interpretation of the Gospels ... Decide which of you will be excommunicated for deviance for a "single interpretation" .... then drive around America tomorrow .... breath the morning air ... look at the parking lots in the variety of churches .... and ask yourselves .... do they all agree with my interpretation? It is called ... religious freedom. Dominus vobiscum. And good night.
Your interpretation ... is not shared ... by all. Do you seek to impose your interpretation? a la the jihadists? C'mon.
You sit ... in judgment as single person .... arrogance .... Tell me when ... in the last 75 years ... did anyone advocate a coup? A coup in the United States. Keep talking ...
You go to great lengths. Impressive. Explain to us the "treason, trial and execution" comment. That is what you will be forever known for. As to God's Word ... there are many who know more, read more, did more, and work for the Word ... than you. I'll start with the Saints. And the Gospels. Are you as good as that? Bless you and have a wonderful Sunday.
My point ... drive around my city ... one of the biggest in the US .... on a Sunday morning. The lots of the churches are filled. People are joyous. Ask them if there is threat to religion? Their worship?
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