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Welcome to Public Relations 101

PoliticalHistorian Wrote: 6 hours ago (5:43 PM)
Name calling really advances the discussion, doesn't it?
Playing politics? Are you kidding? Identify one era in the history of domestic policy in this Republic that officials did not play politics?
Hmmmm. Looters are committing crimes. Yes. They deserve arrest, trial, and punishment. How do you write the law that allows looters to be shot on sight but not for other similar crimes?
Yes .... annfan ... at her name-calling best. Good to see you around. Enjoy your evening and God bless you.
Helluva lot of morons if you look at the vote. But that is OK ... dismiss your fellow Americans ... simply because they disagree with you politically. Now, that is mature.
Those weren't exclusively left wing wing nuts. Go check it out. When Bush I was president, it was the "black helicopter" crowd that started the ... ahem ... "theory" ... about the Bush family and one world government.
Could not resist could you, Scott? Had to call a name and demean. What do you propose for the Muslims I mentioned? Deportation?
When is someone going to introduce the distinction between Sunni and Shia?
Tell that to the US citizens who happen to be Muslim ... who go to work, pay taxes, raise their children. Love the US.
(whistle blow) Another name calling.
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