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Obama has excepted so many different groups that it will not work. If you are going to have social health care every person has to participate or it will not work
All fine and dandy. If what you say is so then why will he not release the Records. Never mind trying to berate a person for wanting to no about the leader of the free world. I think the citizens of the country have a right to know
Time to stop all this wasteful money going to stupid things and if it does not happen get rid of the Goernment and get someone in who will stop all this nonsense, Democrat or Republican Doesn't matter which political party as it happens in either one!!
I agree People should be taking resposibility for there own lives. Not having the government donating the Tax dollars
Obama was the one that told people to not go to Vegas for Conventions some time ago. He now wants their vote. Something wrong with this picture LOL!!
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Obama's Little Red Phrase

Polearch Wrote: Jul 29, 2012 9:10 PM
The people who have not got Jobs will soon have them if Russia puts a new navel base in Cuba like it is planning.and that is in the military. Only if Obama has the guts that Kennedy did with the Cuban Missile crises
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