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CBS News: FBI Still Not In Benghazi, CNN Crew Finds Amb. Stevens' Journal Lying on Consulate Floor

pol_junkie Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 7:41 PM
What a disgraceful show of incompetence and naivety from start to finish. How bad does this adminsitration have to perform before those deeply pensive "Independent" voters get a clue?

There are quite a few Benghazi raid-related revelations in the news today, each one uglier than the last.  Let's start with a report from the New York Times.  We already knew that some sensitive documents had gone missing after our consulate in Benghazi was overrun by Islamist terrorists, even though the administration is ludicrously denying that fact.  What we now know is the scope of the massive blow suffered by our intelligence community, particularly in the realm of human assets.  This is alarming: