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BTW... How many pre-K's are there in the universe?
Weak economy, gas prices on the rise, unemployment at 8%, 16+trillion in debt and growing, N Korea testing nukes, Middle East a powder keg. It is so obvious that universal pre-K is exactly what our president needs to be focused on right now.
I think what he meant to say was, "We have no problem spending your money."
It will be interesting to see what actually happens with a "normal" Congressional budget process this year. The Senate is finally promising to do their half of the job to get something in conference. We will know if the pols are serious about addressing our fiscal issues soon enough. If they are, the economy will get a boost, revenues will get a boost and they can focus on spending, tax reform and entitlement reform.
Agressive = a strong appeal to his liberal base, independent voters (those who have no opinion about anything) and the locust voters (a unique type of parasite that frenzy feeds on the productive work of others until it is all gone.. then moves to the next victim).
SOTU Cliff Notes: Economic growth will continue at an anemic pace. Unemployment will remain in the high 7 to low 8 range for at least the next two years. Debt and uncertainty around economic policy will continue to hinder private sector investment and therefore any hopes of growth. No effective action will be taken to address entitlement reform. Issues will be demagogued and division will reign. The nation will remain divided because that is what the President wants. He will claim to "pivot" for the 5 time to jobs and then he will proceed to focus on anything but. Our international reputation will continue to decline, our enemies will continue to be emboldened, our allies will continue to be confused. We will continue to be lied to.
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WSJ: “Ben Carson for President!”

pol_junkie Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 5:45 PM
He spoke his mind respectfully in a country that celebrates free speech as a core right of every citizen. Are you suggesting that the President is not adult enough to listen to someone who does not agree with him?
The Republicans' "ace in the hole" was to win the election. We didn't do that. I say the GOP should put forward their plan showing a focused and balanced approach to the fiscal issues we are facing, expose the Obama proposal for the demagoguery that it is and then give the President exactly what he wants because "that is what the people voted for". If it works, then we were wrong. If it doesn't, it is clearly tied around his ankles. The GOP cannot hold back the rising tide of lazy, selfish and stupid in this country. I say stop trying. Smart, generouse and hardworking Americans will find a way despite them.
Me figuring it out is not enough to address the issue. The POS in the oval office let 4 Americans die without lifting a finger to help. Justice won't be served until the media presses for answers. Thus my point. PS: I do have an active driver's license and an excellent driving record. :)
The fact that Progs don't see this as a scandal worthy of investigation makes them the most detestable hypocrites imagineable. Nixon did not participate in Watergate.. he lied about it and it brought down his Presidency. No one got hurt, no one died - but he tried to cover it up - and it rightly cost him his job. The President needs to be more forthcoming and the media needs to do their jobs in getting to the bottom of this. Someone in the admin is lying and we need to find out who.
Cutter: This was not a real surprise... ROFLMAO... DMR has not endorsed a Republican since Nixon. You can say a lot of things about this endorsement but to say you saw that one coming is kinda pathetic.
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