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Fortunately your peeing on it does not change it or any other protected right we have under the Constitution.
all those dying from prescription drugs because it considers only long-term drug abuse. Liberal hypocrisy... you fight for the freedom to access the products you like despite their impact. You argue that people are responsible enough to make the right choices. Why not argue for prohibition and stricter drug laws.
"In the U.S., there are (approximately) 82 gun deaths per day, 88 auto deaths per day, and 102 drug-related deaths per day. Deaths from automobile accidents dropped 25 percent since 2005, with a recent 1.7 percent drop from 2010 to 2011. Gun deaths have not changed that dramatically, but it is interesting to note that out of the 82 gun deaths per day, only 30 are homicides while 52 are suicides or accidents. It is the drug-related deaths, however, that are the most alarming and, sadly, the most ignored. The 102 drug-related deaths per day refer to those caused by long-term drug abuse. As can be seen, they now surpass the number of deaths from auto accidents. The number is misleading, however, in that it does not include all those dying...
Gun companies that want to make a profit! Unbelievable! You would think any good business would be out to lose money.
Please don't feed the trolls. It makes them poo everywhere.
First you say that the delayed vote is putting the nation in peril (a ridiculous assertion) and then you say that it is great entertainment (hardly - picking a sec def is a serious matter). Do you have a real opinion or are you just a hack?
That is ridiculous hyperbole.
Then you must agree that Hagel is a poor choice.. since he is a Republican.
Hagel is a poor choice. Glad to see the vote delayed. Country needs a strong SecDef. Hope more senators come to their senses.
BTW... How many pre-K's are there in the universe?
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