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What Are McCain and Graham Thinking?

pol_junkie Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 7:59 PM
To Senators McCain and Graham: Senator Paul stood up and stated his case in a way that raised public awareness of the growing use (and potential mis use) of drones against Americans. He stood for over 12 hours on his principles and advocated for something he believes in. You had a pointless dinner with the President where he promised to work with you (AGAIN) and you believed him. Forgive me if I say that Ron Paul earned his paycheck this week... you just got a free meal from a man you cannot trust. Senator Paul stood up.... would you please sit back down.
The Obama voting bloc: 1) Low information voters (aka ignorant voters) 2) Locust voters - voters that suck the life out of other people's hard work, then swarm to the next vicitim until everything of value is consumed - then they starve 3)Loony voters - The "true believers" of Progressivism 4) Independent voters - People who just want to be popular and really have no fixed opinion on any issue that matters. Unfortunately, this voting bloc now makes up slightly over half the country.
Our imperial president says "Let them eat cake"...
"Piers Morgan hits new low in key demographic" - homo sapiens
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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

pol_junkie Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 7:15 PM
What exactly constitutes a meeting? Four students having a Bible study? What if it was four students studying for their Physics class or four students getting together to watch a football game? It strikes me the "no meeting" rule is intended to prevent reasonable use of the common area by other students. I find it hard to believe this applies.
As noted in the article, recent DHHS study suggests that Headstart has not demonstrated any advantage to students that went through the program. In short... yes, it has failed to deliver. Which makes doubling down on the program with this proposed expansion nothing more than more vote buying by the President. Free day care for lower income families.
It is certainly hard to argue that the quality of education has improved since formation of this bureacracy. We would be much better off allowing states and localities the room to be creative in how they advance their local schools without the Feds driving everything to the least common denominator.
Public schools have be come a social engineering lab for progressives. Education is no longer the primary goal. Indoctrination into their social code is the objective.
I could not agree more. It would be better to call this "universal day care" vs. "universal pre-school". Until the parents have value for seeing that their children are educated, no amount of government money will change the dynamic.
Fortunately your peeing on it does not change it or any other protected right we have under the Constitution.
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